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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    - IGN: Sushibas - Age: 30 - Have you played on other modded servers before?: yup and hosted - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: since early alphas with only creative mode and had fun playing lava survival lol :D
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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft | TheMadPack! | Whitelist | 24/7 | Plugins | Mature

    IGN: Sushibas Age: 30 Are you new to FTB? Nope Why should I add you? Why not? What are you good at? building automations like food/woo/charcoal plants and other stuff... and being friendly ofcourse :D What are you like (For example Personality)? Calm enough for not bothering other players with...
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    Whitelist Server Around the Galaxy [Migrated] [Please close this thread]

    Sushibas Vitaly 30 Russia Use common sense - no griefing, be polite, don't build too close to your neighbors e.t.c.
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    Whitelist Server Techiecraft | DW20 v1.1.3| Whitelist | 20 slots |

    IGN: Sushibas and if possible please add my friends IGN: Atmik IGN: mno25 thanks
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    Whitelist Server OldmenCraft Direwolf20 1.5 V2 1.1.3|Whitelist|Adult 25+|8 gig|20 slots bukkit

    -IGN: Sushibas -Age: 30 -Location: Moscow, Russia -I'm also playing with my friends on a private server, though we can't play together very often and they don't like populated servers, thus i'd like to play by myself on other server too :) I'm mostly in BC and TC, and waiting for Ars Magica :)
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    Whitelist Server RaptorousCraft 1.5.2 FTB Ultimate Beta without Gregtech *Whitelist*

    IGN: Sushibas Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 30 IGN: mno25 Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 23 IGN: Atmik Age (Over 16 REQUIRED): 23 Reason we should let you join: We need a good community based server for us to play :) p.s. hope it's okay to apply 3 apps at once :)
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    Whitelist Server Humble & Small - MC Server | Direwolf20 5.2.0 | Whitelist | PvP | 18+ | Survival

    IGN: Sushibas Age (18+ only): 29 What can you bring to our small community: Neigborhood :P Mods expierence: mostly all of Direwolf20's Architect or Engineer*: 50/50