Jul 29, 2019
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    1. King_Even99
      I want to ask about a Work Week, My class in Norway will be going to have a Work Week 19-23 May. I was wondering if I could work With the FTB Team, because I want to learn more about Programming and it would be a Nice experience
    2. verdiman
      Slow sometime back you were streaming and showed a store online. One of the things they did was create large wall vinyls of your minecraft skin. Well I would really like to get something like this for my sons birthday and for the life of me I can't remember the site and googling has not helped. If you happen to remember this can you let me know not sure if the forums have private messages or not... thanks verdiman
    3. _Ozi_
      Can you reccomend mods to modpacks in any sections ? I have some recommendations I want to talk someone that has an authority in Monster pack.
    4. BlairFluffyBear
      How slow can a slowpoke slowpoke if a slowpoke could slowpoke
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      2. jedi13
        Oct 31, 2014
    5. 016Nojr
      Slowpoke you are the best!! :D
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    6. ApplicationMaker
    7. hijackster99
      I know that you know a lot off mod makers. What if they made a mod that was like an update mod that gave access to the new features from the new updates? It's just an idea I had floating around for a while that I thought would be really cool.
    8. Rrett
      Can you do your weekly update again? It's been 2 weeks now. I've been pretty much checking for information about Crack the Beast about 10 times a day. Im starting to think it's just not being worked on anymore. I really want to run a FTB anarchy server and Im just waiting for the crack the beast modpack to come out now.
    9. Teh_Epic_Dan
      I think that it would be cool if they made a mix of the direwolf20 pack and ftb infamy and galacticraft
    10. Albin_Xavier
      What on Earth is your avatar...
      1. xbony2
        It's slowpoke the pokemon! Haven't you EVER played pokemon!?!?!
        Feb 15, 2014
      2. Albin_Xavier
        Feb 15, 2014
    11. Zein Eizoku
      Zein Eizoku
      This is not an important post, I just wanted to say I Love ya man, and thank you and whole FTB team for everything they do every single day for the community. Have an awesome night good sir :)
    12. powermorse
    13. pioantonio
      hello, I recently created a modpack for minecraft 1.6.2, and would like to publish this on your launcher ... please let me tell you what I do to publish this ModPack on your launcher? ... i have created two versions, a more lightweight for all users with a pc not very good, and a normal version for all users whit a normal pc .. thanks
    14. Tellus2
      plz add planes,cars and Tanks to new mod pack
      All LIke
    15. Elodin_Wolfgang
    16. The Ender Born
      The Ender Born
      Are you planning to ever make a mod pack for the consel to sell on microsoft and playstaion store in collaboration with mojang
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      2. Munaus
        How in the nine realms is that supposed to work out? Do you even see mods on consoles?
        Take another look, try to install the simplest mod ever, FML for instance, to your console. Go ahead and try it out...
        Jan 11, 2014
    17. Jamierb03
      Hi slowpoke, I'm new to FTP and I love it, thank you.
    18. pixiestix
      i am trying to download FTB.exe but i get an error message saying: the version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. check your computers system or contact the software publisher.
    19. Esteban369
      it said unhandled exception in thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]: java.lang.indexOutOfBoundsException: Index 4, Size: 4
    20. Esteban369
      I am not able to launch Direwolf's 1.6.4 mudpack, but I am able to launch his 1.5.2 pack. What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug?
      1. KJB03
        Reason why u cant install it is cuz u dont have Java 64 Bit which increases storage to 5GB
        Dec 30, 2013
      2. ThatOneSlowking
        No, it doesnt increase. 32-bit LIMITS the RAM, 64-bit has no limit. And you do not know his specs, my PC is on bad hawdware and 32-bit(alright, it is pretty good. Just I could use better) and can INSTALL direwolf, it just cant run worlds with enough atuff in them
        Feb 4, 2014
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