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    cant get any modpack to load!

    got it to work.... funny thing is, it wasn't a software issue. I moved my ram sticks one slot over, and then everything loads and no issues. *shrug* (would have posted this a week ago, but was on vacay and didn't have access to my PC)
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    Xms on laucher stuck Default

    I had this problem the other day.... a good way to get it to "stick" is to go into the settings on the twitch launcher. it should be the down arrow should be up on the right hand side, next to your username. From there click settings, which will bring up a menu which will have the minecraft...
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    cant get any modpack to load!

    Title cant get any modpack to load! Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App Modpack Dw20, Skyfactory (&challenges, ect) Modpack version current Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue no matter what I try, I cant get any modpack to load, either into the main menu, or...
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 server looking for a few mature players for co-op play

    IGN: Skidd23 Age: 27 I've been playing with mods since I think 1.25? I dont know, it was with EE2 and IC1... been a while. I'm most experienced with tech mods, but less so with magic mods like witchery, which is a mod I will (on purpose) have nothing to do with. I do know a bit of thaumcraft...
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    Whitelist Server NexusCraft - 16 Slots - 2GB - New Server - DW20 1.7 Series - Mature

    Aww. I was looking forward to starting to play on a new(ish) server :P but life comes first!
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    Whitelist Server NexusCraft - 16 Slots - 2GB - New Server - DW20 1.7 Series - Mature

    Minecraft IGN: Skidd23 Age: 29 Mod packs you've used before: Dw20 1.47 through present, Ag skies, horizons, crash landing, material energy, old tekkit (pre1.4) Favorite Mod: Tinkers, but anything technical really Least Favorite Mod: Witchery. I have it in the pack, but I delete every item that...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    I suppose I should rephrase it :P its a consistent lag, it doesn't go away after the back-up is done, it just never goes away. the only way that I can get it to do away is to restart the whole client. thanks for the guess though, I might disable it, but I suspect its not the issue.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Okay, here's a bit of a problem that I've been having lately...I'm out in my world, mining, building, exploring ect... but then seemingly out of no where, massive lag. either I'll be in my base (where there are about 5 machines and a very small sorting system) or I'll be down in my mines, when...
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    1.7 deal keep calm and keep calm.

    Well, you could upgrade your system... you dont have to spend a ton of money to get these packs running well. I've been playing around in the Unstable pack while waiting for the DW20 1.7 pack so I can at least see how some of the mods work and interact. (on that note, I want the simple to...
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    The quest for Enderpearls (DW20 pack)

    Well, what I do is go exploring, at least at first. I find a few enderlily seeds, and get them planted on end stone. Since I didn't know about the end stone recipe in TiCo when I first started playing, I kind of just went mining deep, I think at around 13ish. You might have a bit more luck a bit...
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    Applied Energistics and fluids, can this be done?

    I think its 40 redstone :p but back on topic, yes, I think that the P2P tunnel will work, just make sure to have it connected to a tank somewhere, because AE does not have its own liquid storage system. I've seen a few spotlights on the various P2P setups... actually now that I think about it...
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    forgot, I'm running dw20 1.0.18 :p I don't think I have those mods
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    is there a way to convert EU to RF, even if a little "lossy"? I've been having base power problems, and i was thinking about a nuke, but everything i've got is running on RF right now :/
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    Beez? (yes, thats intentional)

    So, I guess, this is kind of a question/answer/bug/how i did it thread... not sure where to go with it, and i have no idea if this is even in the right section... but here it is! So, I've got my base up and running, (dw20 1.6.4, for those interested) and after getting my power/resources...
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    Needs some help with two set ups.

    Well, I can't say anything as far as reactant dynamos go, I just use steam/magmatic currently... but I did build them, under my floor, and I only have my fuel/steam lines going inside, since they don't need anything else other then the "fuel" to run, and the power-line to get the power out. so...