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  • Sorry about the "Spam" as some people call it I just couldnt find the private message button and I was in a rush to get to work and what not. Yes i do have a job at a young age. The 4 mesages was because there is a 420 chacater limit on the profile posts. Just saying.
    Now this may be long but hear me out I would love to join your server and you can give me like a trial to see how good i am and i will rise up to your standerds. I will not make a application to waste your time i am just asking to give me a chance if you say yes i can make an application and all will be fine. Thank you for your time and hope you make the right desicion.
    I am not one of those people that are immature, rage quiters, Xbox trollers and try to ruin everyboies fun.I hate Xbox because of that and will never get one. Immaturity is a word that has different opion on what it means. I dont make sex jokes or rasist comments i am calm and try to get rid of that kind of stuff.
    Now this is about your server post S!KCraft and about the age limit. I know you have set an age limit on it for 16+ and i deeply respect that. Now I am not 16 nor over 16 I am 13 atm so i am 3 years below your age limit. You r asking yourself o boy another immature, rage quiting, Xbox live troll, that will ruin everybodies fun.
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