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    Psi Discussion Thread

    The new armor that just came out in beta 15 has conditional casting just like you're talking about... going to be playing with it soon.
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    Help Installing LiteLoader for FTB Packs

    This, as the liteloader thread mentions, you can just point it at your DW20 pack location, and just hit the extract jar option (on the bottom) instead of installation and it should work just fine (that just puts the liteloader jar into your regular mods folder)
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    Request DW20 v7 To do list..

    At least its quite easy to add it, I just grabbed the latest version and spent 15 minutes configuring it to have CofhCore retrogen in Osmium and salt (yes, Mek has its own salt now)
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    What's causing the fire that is destroying my cursed earth?

    Firestone ore only spawns in the Nether, uncommonly, at the bottom of lava lakes. Once fully processed, fire-stones are useful to heat up solid fuel boilers initially (charge them by throwing them into lava, which consumes lava in fairly large range by turning it into obsidian, then use it as...
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    Advanced genetics not working?

    It only takes about half an hour or so to get all your machines setup (the machines are basically books and iron) , and get your first good trait injected (provided you can easily find the mob that provides it)
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    Any way to auto refill frames in Apiaries?

    I havn't tried it, but I'd try using routers and trying to insert into different slots (not sides) to see if one coralates with the frame slots.. youd need 3 routers to refill the 3 different slots, but they'd be able to do a whole line of apiaries
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    Recycle Buffering with Barrels

    actually, on the bee note, I've been using filters to sort queens vs drones in automating my bee setup, I'm like 75% sure they work using the specific species of bee (and maybe analyzed status? ie analyzed or not analyzed this I'm only about 55% sure about), but not specific geneotype (ie +4...
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    Help: automating a MFFS

    But theres a UUM recipie for forcicium (at least depending on your config), just set an export bus (or any other autocrafting method) setup to craft and you're set.
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    can anyone tell my why my builder don't work?

    oh yeah, I remember that bug in an older version of buildcraft (for minecraft 1.2.5)... every thing inside any container got duplicated without being required to have it in the builder's inventory, just the container itself. Are you telling me that that is still around O_o urgh.
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    Need help finding quartz

    Imo the whole point of Silk Touch/Fortune (at least in Tech/automation packs) is to encourage at least a little bit of manual mining to get the most reward.
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    IC2 Addon [Tools/Armor/Recipes This Update][Functionality Next]

    Yeah, real solars the tower is the part that actually makes the power. If you're going to make a tower, make it required; we already have plenty of solars that don't need one.
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    UU Matter for GraviSuite

    I started working on my gravichest once I had a diamond chest full of uu matter. I worked on and off for around two days during which my mass fab was still running. (started with just quantum chest)
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    Mind adding applied energetics to your spreadsheet? says " It may be...

    Mind adding applied energetics to your spreadsheet? says " It may be included in any modpack with other mods, as long as it does not attempt to make money off The Owner's Mods." So Basically it sounds good to go, plus its probably somewhere in permissions thread too seeing...
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    Automating Forge Lexicon

    Gregtech Electric crafting table has an ore unification mode thatl do what you want... you'll just have to tweak its config so it doesn't mess with other stuff as much
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    Will all the mods currently in forgecraft be in the Ultimate pack?

    I love having the endgame stuff of fusion reactor/lightning rods/idsu , but perhaps some of their configs should be toned down to not screw with as much by default. I will be very disapointed if its flat out removed.