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    AMPZ Liquid Router(MFR)

    Well i dont know wich version you guys are playing. Mine is 2.0.4 and im trying to put fuel in a dynamic tank. Then the game instantly crashed and i cant log in my world neither do i know how to fix it. Oh and i mean the galacticraft fuel wich i refined in a galacticraft refinery. Now I cant...
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    (Not so)Angry Player Plays Resonant Rise!!!

    You should consider making the entrace more futuristic. :P I would like some sort of blue light bits put in it and outside, like the inverted lamps of the mod luma. If that mod isnt in Resonant Rise. Well, screw that.
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    (Not so)Angry Player Plays Resonant Rise!!!

    Whooops derp. Didnt know that, but would still be dangerous :P
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    (Not so)Angry Player Plays Resonant Rise!!!

    Looks to small and to dangerous :P But try rebuilding the tree, making it 3 times bigger, would be perfect for a housing and if the stump would be 3x3, then you could have a secret entrace and a ladder downwards to a cave-like structure.
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    Any daily lets plays out there?

    I have a good suggestion for you: How about Hypnotizd. He had a decent and dayli series of FTB Unleashed but now he plays on the old server Hermitcraft. His new serverseries should be dayli. And he is a good teacher too.
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    Craziest Moments in FTB?

    My most scary moment, played in the middle of a war server where the two mighty sides met and fought with t3 launchers, cruise launchers fired by laser designators and stuff and running on the battlefield with MPS suit and rocket launchers. It was just epic showdown wich played in the pack AMPZ.
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    [1.6.2] Mob Tools

    I have an idea, make a block called power infusing bench, where you basically put your armor and one item do enchant it to its ability, like for ender armor the armor in the bench then infuse it with some sort of enderpearl-endstone-diamond item so that it actually gains the mighty ability and...
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    Squid power problem

    So, if a jailers net doesnt prevent then from despawning, try using this Thaumic Tinkerer item called Cryogenic Globe. I used it on ~10 squids and now they are forever my slaves producing ink sacks and biofuel, and powering all of my 3 boilers fir all my power needs. You all can say its cheaty...
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    Heya Guyz!

    Thanks for all these nice and positive replies! This FTB community is great, I never thought of getting one thread without having at least 1 haters post in it! I hope this stays so! Cheers, - Noby07
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    looking for a lot of free power

    Well, in my World, squid power has been the best solution. Even beeing mid to late game tier, you dont need to change much to such a system to make it ultimate. Squid power is one of the few things that got nerfed, because powercrystals has nerfed, because his mod MFR is like DartCraft more fun...
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    Mod Skins

    Well, how about Applied Energistics. This would look really hilarious. A molecular assembling chamber for the head import buses for feet, export for hands ans some wiring stuff. Oh yeah i forgot, a drive + controlller for the body!
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    Heya Guyz!

    Hay everyone! My Name is Noby07 and my Family calls me Noby! I am an 14 year old boy that has fun while screwing things up in Minecraft. I have some sisters that play MC but theyre not that interested in stuff like FTB. I enjoy playing FTB aswell as UE based packs, because my modding interest...
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    Shoop Resonant Rise [Season 2] [Ended]

    Is this series dead or just sleeping? I really miss your nice and cool lookin builds.
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    What youtube channels do you watch?

    Okay, i regulary watch these persons: Direwolf20 Marriland Yogscast (only the main channel, sips, sjin and duncan) Hypnotizd Kingdaddydmac There are other people that hace interesting gameplays but there is no more time left. So i only subscribe what i watch regulary.
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    Poppy, Resonant Rise

    Woaaaaow this small butchers kitchen looks amazingly awesome! I love how you made it. For modded minecraft it looks like a vanillas business man business. Awesome work! U get applause from me sir.