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    New App News and Expanding the Team.

    I'm super excited to see where we can go with this! I'd like to make a suggestion though... Start posting as a personality and not a generic "Feed The Beast" mystery person/account. A post like this coming some someone as opposed to something has more of an impact! Also, publicly sharing those...
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    Problem FTBU Defining Teleport Warmups and Cooldowns

    Hey all. Loving the new teleport features in FTB Utilities. My community is requesting that I alter the teleport warmup and cool down timers. Where can I modify these? I'm not seeing any settings in the ftbutilities.cfg file. Thanks!
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    Problem Server Crash on startup

    Thanks for your suggestion. I compared the default config files for redpower and wireless redstone to the ones in my server, and they did not differ. I did notice that the order of some of the settings for wireless redstone was off, but the values were the same. Still will not load with Wireless...
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    Problem Server Crash on startup

    I am experiencing this exact issue, with the same console output. I have the same result as well. Disabling wireless redstone mod files allows my server to load. I'm running MindCrack v8.0.1. I can't post my console to pastebin due to a limit on size. Edit: I was able to get it...
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    Dynmap reports mods load, but blocks don't render; config settings?

    I'm also looking into fixing this. I can't get missing items to show with the default texture pack, OR Sphax.
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    Need a forge compatible chat name color/prefix changer

    I've been watching Forge Essentials for a while now, and I'm looking forward to using it on my server. I'm going to play around with it tonight.
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    OnoviaCraft|MineCrack|Whitelist|Small Group|Team Work!

    I think that the client allows you to choose the version you want. Check the options. I'll update the server tomorrow when I get home. Happy New Year! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
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    OnoviaCraft|MineCrack|Whitelist|Small Group|Team Work!

    Nate, thanks for that. I've installed MiscPeripherals 2.3 and it seems to have fixed the problem. You can read about it, and find the download link here:
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    OnoviaCraft|MineCrack|Whitelist|Small Group|Team Work!

    The OnoviaCraft map has crashed. I've submitted a support request, and you can follow the progress here: Sorry for the down time guys. Hopefully we can get it resolved quickly.
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    OnoviaCraft|MineCrack|Whitelist|Small Group|Team Work!

    Thanks for your applications guys. I replied to some, and approved some as well. Your posts to the forums are moderated until you have a total of 3 posts so you may not see your post right away!
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    OnoviaCraft|MineCrack|Whitelist|Small Group|Team Work!

    OnoviaCraft is a spin-off of our larger community, Onovia. We've been around for a long time and run several Minecraft servers. We are currently looking for serious and mature TEAM players to join our brand new MindCrack server. We are a mature group, with 75% of us being over 25. We currently...
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    Forge compatible shared banlist( thread closed because of trolls) sign up for beta

    zbayne, sounds like a great idea. Be sure that during your development, that you keep "rogue server ops" into account.
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    Server software?

    I'm using FireDaemon Pro to run my Minecraft servers as a service. It works great for my needs. I'm also using fihgu's mods so that I can issue console commands right in game.