Jun 11, 2016
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Active Member, Male, from Virginia (US)

Glad to Be Alive! May 12, 2017

    1. MagicMage1238
      Glad to Be Alive!
    2. Bradley Waggoner
      Bradley Waggoner
      •Age: 22
      •Ive been a part of many server including modsauce, modsauce 2, sky factory 2.5 and others.
      •Eastern time zone
      •Will you use Discord yes if people are also using it.
      •I am just looking for a more calm and peaceful place to play that's not ruining by hundreds of people joining and leaving all the time and messing with the server.
    3. zapper125
      •IGN: zap125
      •Age: 17
      •Previous modded experience(if any): i have play ftb infinity and infinity evovled
      •Timezone: mountain timezone
      •Will you use Discord?(Not Required) yes i have discord
      •Anything else you might want to include: looking forward to be on your server
    4. Skater torte
      Skater torte
      •IGN: skatertortle
      •Age: 16
      •Previous modded experience(if any): technical mods
      •Timezone: mt
      •Will you use Discord?(Not Required) yes i use discord
      •Anything else you might want to include: im really friendly and love to help people and treat people like family
    5. vegaroth
      •IGN: vegaroth
      •Age: 39
      •Prev modded exp: Mainly single player MC with chosen mods and now hermitpack with some extra mods.
      •Timezone: GMT+1
      •Discord? never used before but not problem.
      • haven't played MC on servers before mainly because i dislike the kind of ppl than public servers attract and i think would be better play with relative small group than allows develop of a friendship and collaboration.
      1. MagicMage1238 likes this.
    6. KalleZz
      •IGN: kallezz
      •Age: 20
      •Previous modded experience(if any): I've started modded pretty much when the first tekkits were out. I have experience, but these newer mods I don't know much about.
      •Timezone: GMT+2
      •Will you use Discord?(Not Required) Sure I will.
      •Anything else you might want to include: I am looking for this kinda whitelisted modded server. Publics are cancer most of the time.
    7. Antim
      Hey, are applications still open? If so, here is what you guys requested:

      IGN: Grampt
      Age: 26
      Previous modded experience(if any): Tekkit up to latest FTB
      Timezone: Central
      Will you use Discord?(Not Required): No idea, never used it before, will decide based on interaction with other members.
      Anything else you might want to include: Have always enjoyed playing on serves as the community is what makes the game.
    8. murph
      Hey MagicMage
      I would really like to join your hermitpack server
      I am 34 living in NZ been playing modded minecraft for a few years and would like to join a small frienly server
    9. Josean Rivera
      Josean Rivera
      Hello my name is Josean. Robjin Vogel send me. Will love to join I'm 28, love Minecraft. Will love to join the hermit pack server! Thanks!
    10. Coffe_X
      Hello there MagicMage!
      I would like to apply for your server:
      420 character limit so i cant rly type much. 26 year old, Sweden, work as a "swedish S.W.A.T". Been playing highly competetive professional gaming. I love to play with others and griefing/asshole is a nonfactor
    11. MagicMage1238
      Tired - ZZZzZzzZzzzz
    12. Famousscotsman
      Hi, Im looking for a small community server. Wondering if i could get onto yours? IGN Famousscotsman
    13. UtaSensei
      Hey dude, my friend and i are looking for a server, could we join you ?
    14. MagicMage1238
      Ok, I'm not online very often and I sometimes record for YouTube....(although I haven't recorded any FTB yet)
    15. forcedpainter56
      That's cool it's not harder just recipes are different
    16. forcedpainter56
      I pay for a server no lag and am going to start infinity evolved expert mode today would like 2 to 3 people to join and play as a colab
      1. MagicMage1238
        I just started playing Normal mode a week ago.... Never played FTB before... Not sure expert mode would be a good thing for me...
        Jun 13, 2016
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