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    Whitelist Server KIC (KyCraft Industrial Community)|TPPI 1.0.4|Whitelist|Fresh Map| 3 Slots open | Mature | 18+

    IP: Kycraft Industrial Community, or KIC for short, is a small, community focused server that revolves around people working together to achieve goals and progress in the server. We are a very laid back server, most rules are common sense, what rules there...
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    Tech-Galore|FTB Beta Pack A 1.4.2|Whitelist

    You forgot to whitelist me :) IGN- kyjon02
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    Tech-Galore|FTB Beta Pack A 1.4.2|Whitelist

    IGN: kyjon02 Age: 25 What mod do you have most experience with: Industrialcraft and Buildcraft Why should you be allowed to join the server: Id be willing to help out with anything im able to do. I just want to play, build, and have fun In your opinion, what is the most important rule from...