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    Uses for soul shards

    well at a certain point you won't need it anymore, but for quickly growing some food and trees it's certainly nice. Also the skeletons give arrows which is definitely quite useful (mining lasers aren't great as a long-range weapon, they're not supposed to be.
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    Uses for soul shards

    Well, bones for bonemal, gunpowder for tnt, blaze rods are required in a few mods, ender pearls because they are needed for some mods. The rotten flesh isn't too useful, besides for thaumcraft purposes.
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    Forum Suggestions

    'Mod discussion' is apparently meant for this, but it isn't very obvious. Thats why I suggested adding some explanation as to what section is meant for what.
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    Direwolf's inventory Tricks

    When playing with a trackpad you are a bit limited when it comes to inventory tricks. To everyone saying you can't play minecraft on a trackpad, you are almost correct. You can't play minecraft on a windows laptop trackpad, the mac ones are quite a bit better. But it's far from perfect, I would...
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    Define the sub-forums

    Well take a look at 'mod discussion', people are just asking questions about mods in the packs. I actually thought that was the intention of the sub forum. In order to make it more clear for the users, and not requiring mods to check if every topic is in the right place, a little description...
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    Avatar suggestion

    And one of them being the Minotar (the skin head of the skin dedicated to your username)? Yeah that could definitely work. There are probably a lot of people who are too lazy (like me) to actually go and download, and then upload an avatar.
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    Optifine for FTB?

    Uploaded to pastebin
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    Define the sub-forums

    As of right now the discussing of mods is taking place on several sub-forums, instead of just the 'mod discussion' one. It might be an idea to use the space below the name of the sub-forum, where right now it says the amount of threads and messages, to define what the sub-forum is intended for...
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    Avatar suggestion

    Yeah that's true, but I think a lot of people will actually have used their minecraft login, but I suppose you can't really bet on that. Maybe an option then? Like a checkbox below show 'online status' for using your minecraft skin as avatar. I realize it isn't a very big suggestion, nor a...
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    Avatar suggestion

    I know some people are kinda obsessed about their avatars. But I often see a lot of people on various forums (like myself), who don't really care about their avatar, and often keep it at default. Maybe it would be a good idea to make the default avatar, the head of the players skin. Using...
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    Mystcraft and Mobs

    This sounds a lot like the enitity in portal bug I had with a cart in a portal. For me the solution was deleting and re-enabling Railcraft, but I think disabling and re-enabling Mystcraft would do the trick. (Not sure if that would mean you lose your ages).
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    (Help) Blaze Farm in the overworld

    I have mine setup with water and a couple of transposers, 2 block heigh room, spawner in the middle with a water source on top (the only water source). It pushes them to the corners (whilst killing them) where I have my transposers set up.
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    Geothermal Generators Consume Items?

    What you could do, is put the cells / buckets in liquid transposers (if you have thermal expansion that is) and pump it directly into the geothermals