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    Bee Biome

    Try checking over any nearby water, I think river or ocean might be normal/normal, can't remember
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    Ars Magica: Mage Archive Unbreakable Chiseled Stone

    That's possible, I dug under them as well didn't look like falling through them would be useful as there was just solid dirt there.
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    Ars Magica: Mage Archive Unbreakable Chiseled Stone

    Recently went ahead and decided to mess around with this mod as it is very likely to be incorporated in at least one of the mod packs in the launcher. I just found what their wiki refers to as a Mage Archive (Pic from Wiki); Being the first 20 minutes playing, I found the stone bricks and...
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    FTB Ultimate Additional Config Files?

    I'm hosting an FTB Ultimate Server for me and two people, In the config folder of the server I noticed there are configs for; DamageIndicators, Ropesplus, and MagicYarn. But I do not seem to have these mods installed on the pack. Is this normal? We're they meant to be in? Can I add them to the...
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    My Face Upon Finding Out What The Update Was..

    No, but seriously. I thought Slowpoke was just having a go at us on that stream.
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    Red Power 2 News

    Why did she release 1.4.6 instead of 1.4.5? Clearly she wanted us to spend our attention yelling at the other mod creators to "hurry up already and update!" She's so kind, to want to share the spotlight with her fellow modders. All the attention and focus we've all spent on her this past few...
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    Is there a "give up on RP" ETA?

    I do hope that they address this and release an updated version, I'd rather RP2 be included as I miss it so. I don't think rep is really an issue as I can think of only one other Modpack which if I recall correctly, Is using a very outdated version of Minecraft.
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    Is there a "give up on RP" ETA?

    I never said I wanted people to abandon FTB and update things on their own nor did I call anyone stupid, although your inferences are quite adorable. What I was saying, as it apparently needs clarification, Is if people are bothered by their mods not being updated to 1.4.5 there are means for...
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    Is there a "give up on RP" ETA?

    I'd hate to say it but it would seem you need to inform any server user whom is clamoring for an update that they will have to either develop the competence to update their client, or wait for FTB to update. Right? -- If you were Slowpoke101, what would matter more to you? Keeping your word to...
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    Is there a "give up on RP" ETA?

    Fair enough. Like I said, I simply didn't understand what the fuss was about. So what exactly are you guys missing right now? As in, If FTB was to update today, without RP2, What exactly would you be getting? I read "bugfixes" but what exactly?
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    Is there a "give up on RP" ETA?

    So, not trying to play devils advocate here, but what exactly is stopping people from updating their own games? Is it really because you are defending the integrity of FTB's desire to stay "up-to-date" or is it because you have a feeling of self-entitlement wherein you need the updates to be...
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    Linking book help

    Use a Block called the Link Modifier. You can therein alter your book so it stays with you and allow "intra-dimension" travel
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    Red Power 2 News

    If you're serious about spending $30 for RP2 feel free to donate directly to Eloraam via the paypal link she posted in her post. Here is a link to her Forum Post: Do note: that this forum...
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    An introduction and a plea

    Hi there! Before I set off with my introduction, I would like to first thank you for taking a moment to read this thread. My name is Nick. I'm 26 years old and have been playing Minecraft since Beta. I only recently found myself playing mods, being introduced to the idea via the ease of the...