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    Whitelist Server Hippiecraft FTB Season 5 | Horizon v2.1.1+ | Whitelisted | 24/7 - Dedicated - Adult Staff

    It's Amazing server with over 1 year of hosting! So They know what they do! :D Fun community and i love playing on it! I make over 20 hours a week on it! It's definitely a try worth!
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    Frogecraft Chat funcion

    i see in livestreams and in youtube video's of EddieRuckus and Direwolf20. that they can see the chat from the other server. and i was wondring if that is a Forgecraft only mod. Or can other people aso have that?
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    custom modpack question

    hhmm okay, i will try that! i will let you know if that works!
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    custom modpack question

    okay, im sorry, but im so used to say pahicraft -.- but thanks. i will try that, but do you, or anyone have tips/tutorial to make a stable modpack? because i don't have any experience with making a modpack. let alone with a multiplayer modpack/server modpack.
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    custom modpack question

    Dear Pahicraft people and forum people, I own with a friend of me a server from Creeperhost, but we have a problem with a question at the end. we have a decent server with FTB modpacks like Direwolf20 and now Mindcrack. but we had a problem. the server crashes and the world was corrupted. so...