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    Mech Titan 1.7.10 MFR + Magical Crops?

    Hi! While I have no idea about your question ( would also like to know btw :D ) I have read that the EnderIO farming station should work with Magical Crops.
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    What is the most overpowered mod in your opinion (NO ORESPAWN)

    Mystcraft, not even a contest
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    Unsupported FTB TechWorld 2 - 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA} Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: FTBTech World 2 Mod & Version: RotaryCraft/ReactorCraft. Version 1.0.2 Pastebin: N/A Dont know if it's a bug, but RotaryCraft/ReactorCraft seem to be overpopulating the dungeon loot chests. Nearly no other items seem to appear apart from those two mods.
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    Mekanism: Feature Request Thread

    This mod is so cool, thank you for it!
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    Thoughts on MFR

    I for one thank you for this, MJ producer that doesn't need to heat up and all that. Plus only runs when it's needed. I simply love MFR, thank you again! And just to throw it out there for a possible answer, is there any way to make the Bioreactor work with Biomes O Plenty's saplings/seeds, or...
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    Mod Pack Update

    Well yes that's exactly what they're saying :)
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    Mining age without Mystcraft

    Thanks guys for the suggestions! I will try them out and see what happens :)
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    Mining age without Mystcraft

    Hello! I have been searching for a mod that you can create some sort of alternate dimension, similar to the overworld (ala mystcraft) just so I can mine there instead of destroying the main world. In 1.5.2 mystcraft changed, and the ages created are really weird for me, they all (70+) are dark...
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    Mod Pack Update

    Fabricator, and the cool looking bricks. I really miss that mod.
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    Mod Pack Update

    Awesome work, thanks Wyld!
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    FTB Mod Discussion: Greg-Tech

    I am not a modder so I don't know if they even care about this, but my gripe towards Gregtech is that they/he change other peoples mods. So it's always my first mod to disable in FTB
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    Mod Pack Update

    Haha yes I know that, witch is why I asked when IT IS done, where will the password be posted. Not IS IT done. Take your own advice and read properly.
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    Mod Pack Update

    Are you drunk, high or retarted... or all of the above? It was a simple question and if you don't have the answer... why are you replying. Ignored btw, because... meh
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    Mod Pack Update

    When the modpack is available, where will you post the password for the private pack? Thank you in advance
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    FTB Launcher Bug Report Thread

    I got the same thing, worked fine before but last week or so this started happening.