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    Monster 1.1.0 and Horizons 2.1.0

    Just read this on feed the beast forum , under bug reports section, it's about FTB monster pack: Whats the bug?: NEI wont change from cheat mode to utility mode to recipe mode. it stays as the mode it was when the world is created. eg create a creative world and it will be stuck on cheat mode. I...
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    where did you change to disallow creepers from damaging terrain?
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    Resonance Unleashed - [Closed - merged into Resonant Rise]

    What is the DivineRPG - UltCompat.cfg for? Is it supposed to be renamed?
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    Private Pack Somaren: 1.5.2 With Nerfed Gregtech! 50+ Slots, Whitelisted! Simple Frames Beta!

    Your minecraft username: Have you ever been banned from a server? never, at least I dont about it Have you ever played with FTB before? yes about 3 weeks Why do you want to join this server? 1. FuzzyPurp. Age 21 2. No. 3. Yes, I've compiled my own modpacks, before FTB 4. Looking for a good...
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    Computer Craft recipes too easy

    Here's my old resolution.