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    Diamond Pipes not working?

    Thank you.. Gonna have to re configure my system now, but oh well.
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    Diamond Pipes not working?

    I have a chain of diamond pipes hooked up to barrels, so anyone on the server can empty their inventory into a chest and ti gets pumped out and sorted automatically. All the filters have been set properly and It was working great and everything was being sorted properly. Now, nothing gets sorted...
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    Mindcrack V8 server causing high CPU usage.

    You seem to be faring better than me. lol Still I don't understand the problems here or why it would change so drastically since the last update. I don't know what to really know how much it is really using though. My server console says 64MB of RAM with 88% free but my operating system is...
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    Mindcrack V8 server causing high CPU usage.

    Win 7 for me. Java is the same as yours. So is the Mindcrack version. I have a min of 3 allocated and a max of 4 for my server. GUI reports something obscenely low like 64MB for me. BUT when I look at my processes that tells me it is using around a Gig. Also, I should clarfy about the crashing...
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    Mindcrack V8 server causing high CPU usage.

    Ever since the update my server has been running very slowly. It has been fluctuating from 50% to 80% and if you try to generate more land it shoots up to 100% and crashes. This is with two players connected. (Also using about 1gig of RAM. Unsure if that is normal for two players?)...
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    Whitelist Server [1.4.6 V7] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name: ElusiveColours Age&Location: 18, US Have you ever been banned from a server: Nope. Why would you like to play TMCraft: Looking for a good server with friendly people and no griefers.
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    Casual Server Small Private Server(Mindcrack), looking to add one or two more players!

    Myself and two friends are looking for one or two people to join our mindcrack server. What we are looking for: Someone near our age. At least 18! Someone who is mature. Someone with Skype. It's important to us to be able to communicate with the people we play with quickly and...
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    Server Crashes and won't restart.

    Everytime I try to start my server I get this error: Description: Loading NBT data at Source) at bx.a(SourceFile:24) at cd.b(SourceFile:96) at bq.a(SourceFile:34) at by.a(SourceFile:38) at cd.b(SourceFile:96) at bq.a(SourceFile:34)...