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    Whitelist Server Kat Kraft | Pre-Release/Beta Custom Pack | White List Invite Only

    You should add Taichanie's twitch since he is streaming it too (twitchtv/taichanie).
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    Feed the City [Ultimate Pack][1.4.6][Whitelist][Survival][Filmed]

    IGN: DarkSirrush Position: Grunt About: I am a Commis Chef at a buffet (Not going to elaborate due to privacy), who very much enjoys gaming and chatting online. I am 20 years old (as of next week), live with my girlfriend (who is currently playing pokemon behind me), and am easily...
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    Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

    In-Game Username: DarkSirrush Age: 19 What is your Timezone?: GMT -8 Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?: No How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day/Week): Varies greatly Vanilla Minecraft Experience?: A fair amount of ssp, and small amount of smp FTB...