Captain Digital
Jul 29, 2019
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Captain Digital

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    1. CraZNewfie
      Hey I am curious as to how I would go about donating to the server. Do you have a website for it aside from this forum or anything like that?
      1. Captain Digital
        Captain Digital
        We plan on launching a full website sometime in the future, but we're not sure when so this forum is pretty much the best we have at the moment. Anyway, if you wish to donate, just do "/buy 0" on the server. We plan on adding more donation packages soon, but for now it's just the one. If you donate, say $20 instead of $10 though, we'll automatically move you to the higher tier when it becomes available.
        Apr 13, 2013
    2. CreeperBrute
      Hey I think the server crashed again, 7 people were on at the time in case you were wondering...
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