Jul 29, 2019
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    1. NinjaPig31
      Questions from friends:

      Brandic: i find bees time consuming but big benefits, this is simplified a lot by gendustry. I also feel its from a older time of MC modding
      Heather: Nope, not at all :P
      Tyler: If your talking about MC i have killed about 2 people many times, cuz they are my friends and we were just having fun :).
      Jimmy: I had one in ME^4, but that's just cuz i found it :P
      Erebus: No, no I don't
    2. NinjaPig31
      Do you have a sense of humor? Yes, yes I do :D
      Are you sure????: Yeeep
      Are you okay with using Voice Communications: Yes
      If so do you have/willing to get Teamspeak: already have it
      Have you been banned for anything in the past: Nope
      How would you describe your personality: basically what i said previously but other than that... I honestly can't think of what to say :).

      One more message coming up sry :(
    3. NinjaPig31
      What makes you want to join us: I was looking for a small group without any griefing to play with and this seems like the perfect place :D
      Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: Well for starters hobos don't have MC hehehe *gets smacked*
      Anyway i have a good knowledge of mods and i think i am friendly guy.

      wow the limit for characters is really small, one more message coming up
    4. NinjaPig31
      This is an application for the server:

      MC Name: NinjaPig31
      Age: 13 (Yes, i can act mature, if you think i am not mature when i play feel free to blacklist me)
      Modded MC experience: I have a pretty good knowledge of the mods in this pack if i do say so myself and have been playing modded MC for almost 2 years now

      I am sending the rest in another message because i exceeded the limit :(
    5. Kiko_The_creator
      So is the server up or ?
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