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    FTB Ultimate server hang

    This looks like several (!) of the mod files have been corrupted somehow... Typically file corruption will only affect one file so I'm somewhat sceptical that this actually is file corruption, but in case it is try re-downloading the server.
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    Windows .exe Ultimate Pack Crash Upon Logging in to Server!

    This might be caused by a config mismatch between you and the server. Ask an admin for a copy of their config files if you can. In particular the redpower item/block IDs are crucial! If you remember exactly what you were doing with redpower it may be possible to narrow it down even further...
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    FTB causes Display to fail

    This sort of problem is very difficult to troubleshoot. Could you answer the following: 1. Is this problem occurring only on a specific server? Do other servers work? 2. If no server works, does singleplayer? 3. If this doesn't, does another FTB modpack work? Try a couple to be sure. 4. If none...
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    crash on FTB screen, FML setup

    Try downloading the latest version of LWJGL from . Replace all files in /minecraft/bin and /minecraft/bin/natives with the newer version of LWJGL (except the minecraft.jar ofc).
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    Ultimate pack non stop crashes

    This is a fairly basic quite interesting memory error. This is not related to MaxPermSize! Are you by any chance using 32 bit java? If so you should definately switch to 64 bit. Alternatively (although I strongly suggest using 64 bit java), you could try lowering your memory in the settings...
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    problem; Ticking screen

    Sorry, I thought you were in SP. Did a quick google and guess what I found? It's listed on the known issues thread ( ). I don't think you can really do much about it since you can't log in; maybe your server admin can do something?
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    problem; Ticking screen

    Then try editing the options file.
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    problem; Ticking screen

    While I don't know how to fix the problem as such, it seems to be caused during mob spawning, so a simple workaround would probably be to switch to peaceful - if you can pause the game fast enough to change it that is, otherwise you should edit the "difficulty" option in your...
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    For those of you crashing on startup

    I meant set MaxPermSize only. I don't really know how java manages memory allocation, but as far as I know the initial amount allocated to anything doesn't really matter as it will just resize when needed. So the PermSize option doesn't really matter. It could however potentially cause problems...
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    For those of you crashing on startup

    It isn't. 'Nuff said. Just an idea: try removing the first part, i.e. leave just "-XX:MaxPermSize=256M" or try lowering the amount from 256M to 128M or so. Also ensure you are running the latest java. You mean you don't mind - right? That is rather ambiguous :P
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    FTB crashes on startup

    Alright, I've decided to look into this and reverse-engineered the relevant redpower parts (shh, don't tell Eloraam). What I think is happening is that redpower logic/wiring/whatever is loading before redpower base (not core. base. Not sure what the difference is, but hey). They then try to...
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    Windows .jar Can't load new world

    java.lang.IllegalAccessError This is java being paranoid and not letting mods interact with vanilla minecraft. First things first: update java; this is the sort of thing which easily changed with each version.
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    Easy Way to get a Tier 5 Pig Spawner

    Hm... Actually it's not very likely it'll be patched as it is a vanilla bug which doesn't affect vanilla. As for what it's good for, I have a tier 5 cow spawner for food (I chose cow over pigs because of leather). Sure, there are easier (more humane) ways to get food, but I figure to heck with...
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    Windows .exe DireWolf20 pack crash. Read timed out It's a timeout error between you and the server. I'm going to venture a guess that as the internet works the problem will fix itself soon enough. If it doesn't though you should contact whoever is in charge of the server.
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    [Ultimate]Stuck on "Loading world" all of a sudden

    Uh... huh. Did you try my original suggestion to delete the nether (DIM-1) too?