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  • Hi Ako,

    I've just recently started watching your FTB Unleashed S01 vids and I'm enjoying them, thanks for making them.

    If I might provide a little feedback: you would have two new viewers (my son and me) but your occasional cursing, and yes I recognize that it's not all that often, prevents me from sharing your channel with my 9 year-old.

    Thanks again for your videos, I'm learning new stuff!
    Clear Modifiers, dude. You want Clear Modifiers as the last page of your mystcraft book. Then you wouldn't get large floating cobblestone balls or anything else you didn't account for. Er, I think... ;)
    Hi Ako!

    I've been a subscriber for a while now, since like episode 36 from your Ultimate Beginners Guide series. However I was wondering if I might be allowed to join your server once the recommended goes up? I'm kind of new to FTB and know only very very basic stuff. Maybe it'll be cool to explain some stuff to me whilst doing your new series?

    Hope to hear from you soon, love your vid's!
    Kind regards,
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