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    Bug Twilight forest world not generating

    Ok, I made a small server with a few mods because my computer can't run Direwolf and one of them was twilight forest. I made a portal and everything went fine [lightning struck the water, and the portal blocks apeared] until I jumped into the water. My screen just said downloading terrain and...
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    What mods have tree farms?

    Alright, thanks for the help guys :)
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    What mods have tree farms?

    Hey guys, it's actualy been a while since I've played ftb, but I was wondering what mods have tree farms? I remember playing on a direwolf pack and having a machine that would automaticaly plant and harvest trees. It used some sort of special dirt, and I remember being able to have it be self...
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    Suggestion (Lan worlds Direwolf20 modpack)

    " Did you use the "Open to LAN button? Also, this is my seccond try on getting to the tech support. Where is it?
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    Please use our new support site

    Hello, I was trying to get on a LAN world with my cousin, whoever firewall was off at that time, but it never appeared. I think it would be awesome if you could fix that. Thanks!
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    Suggestion (Lan worlds Direwolf20 modpack)

    Me and my cousin cant connect through lan. I'm pretty sure its not because of fire wall either. I would love it if you could make the lan worlds operable for direwolf20 and any other mod-packs that need. Thankyou