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  1. dragoneye95
    dragoneye95 SatanicSanta
    Well I wanted to PM but i dont get it how to do that. I am very addicted at playing Maguss and got the idea to create a Wiki about it. I started to edit the Maguss gamepedia wiki but I am not able to link the "Classes" page to the main page. I really would like to help you with alot of information and writing in general on this page.
  2. P4r4g0n
  3. Nuclear_Creeper0
  4. graf091
  5. Alluring Despair
    Alluring Despair
    Starting a TechWorld2 world on hardcore.
  6. Nuclear_Creeper0
    Nuclear_Creeper0 Drbretto
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    2. Drbretto
      how do i... do.. that? lol I have the app and all that, but how do I find the chat?
      Feb 9, 2018
    3. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Feb 9, 2018
    4. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Or just click on that.
      Feb 9, 2018
  7. Nuclear_Creeper0
  8. frique
  9. Zekromus
    How do I change my name?
  10. Nuclear_Creeper0
    Nuclear_Creeper0 GamerwithnoGame
    I made an alt named Gamerwithnoname on discord and am gonna troll people.
    1. GamerwithnoGame
      Feb 6, 2018
    2. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Feb 7, 2018
    3. GamerwithnoGame
      Dude, don't be a dick.
      Feb 7, 2018
  11. MimberyEarth
    Loving Minecraft, but not Hardcore.
  12. Nuclear_Creeper0
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  13. xbony2
    xbony2 Yusunoha
    I can't say I've really used it recently, but I used to check it all the time, so thanks for your contributions to what's new in modded minecraft today :)
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  14. paRtifire
  15. TwistedGlitcher
    TwistedGlitcher deadrosekiss trying to finish the help from a friend quest on clouds of darkness but i cant figure out what the second location is. i already finished the labyrinth and everything..... can i have some help?
  16. Theinferno
    somewhat displeased
  17. Randomguy404
    im the bazinga master
  18. AndersWithTheCat
  19. Saolibas
    Requiring additional pylons...
  20. Saolibas
    MC since Beta, modding since 2012. #gregtechisking