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  1. AbductedSteve
    Woah tech mods are super cool
  2. DesuTronic
    DesuTronic EconBrony
    From where to DL the update?
    1. EconBrony
      The same dropbox link as before. Delete your current mod, config and script file then replace them with the ones from dropbox
      Apr 24, 2017 at 12:37 AM
  3. EconBrony
    Username on the Twitch/Curse Launcher is EconBrony, Im also on Discord (not all the time though like I am on the Twitch/Curse Launcher)
  4. DesuTronic
    DesuTronic EconBrony
    Hello I'd like to talk about the server and maybe joining it. Is there a more direct way we could talk?
  5. DJRaon_Lee
    hmm....I don't wanna middle test !!!! :r
  6. DJRaon_Lee
    So..... Plz do not gave me a cold shoulder
  7. xFFrozen
    Minecraft Name : xFFrozen
  8. SPacelord333
    SPacelord333 Watchful11
    Hi Watchful11,

    I have a general Question about Mod-Packs and i hope it ok that i approach you like this.

    If i have an Idea for a Mod-Pack but im not a Mod-pack maker, would FTB consider my idea for a Modpack?
    What would be the basic informations you would need?
    Should i just start a Thread?
    Or could you tell my some people that might be interested doing this?

    Best regards
    1. Watchful11
      Sorry, we don't usually take ideas for modpacks. You're free to post in the forum and see if anyone else wants to make it.
      Apr 19, 2017
  9. OneMerryMile
    I'm stuck in 2010.
  10. SakuraFraust
    I've been playing Minecraft since before it was released, man do I feel old
  11. Pyure
    I wonder: what's everyone playing these days? Beyond? Sky Factory 3? Anyone trying All the Mods: Expert?
  12. ArtElleys
    ArtElleys Jason McRay
    Why, I've said so many things, but just your assembly, this is what I always wanted to achieve. But alas, I do not know how to change recipes, but what you did is a titanic work. I'm just enjoying your build.
  13. ArtElleys
    ArtElleys Jason McRay
    And yes in the assembly is the version of GregTech 5.09.27, does this mean that the version of 6.05.08 (at the moment) can be expected in InfiTech 2 or InfiTech 3 ???
    1. Jason McRay
      Jason McRay
      If GT 6 will be playable and completely finished, then maybe.
      Apr 18, 2017
  14. ArtElleys
    ArtElleys Jason McRay
    If you look at the fashion that GregTech supports, you can see such as the Mechanic, MoCreatures

    Strange that there is no fashion in the assembly ArmorStatusnid

    Could ask the fashion Millenair - but the sales and I do not know if he needs it.

    In general, I really would just like to see even more interesting, especially because of the fashion of Tinkers' Construct. And if not, then no.
    1. Jason McRay
      Jason McRay
      This is tech based pack, stuff like MoCreatures and Millenair are waste of time and resources.
      Apr 18, 2017
  15. ArtElleys
    ArtElleys Jason McRay
    well, probably except for the paper ... and there as you know. It's clear, it needs to be thoroughly modernized for the assembly, so that it's not easy to get something. I love because of this GregTech. I would like that in the settings of fashion, hunger, there was a little more hunger. Whatever the food was not just needed but just really needed.
  16. ArtElleys
    ArtElleys Jason McRay
    Hello. And I could not add InfiTech 2-mod, Tinkers' Construct + iguana tinker twax - Just pins me, opportunity. If you find resources that need something to be crafted, you can not do this, because you need to create a smelter and in forms, create picks, swords and everything else. In an additional fashion, there is still a pumping, but you need to remove the possibility of inserting additional sharpening,
    1. Jason McRay
      Jason McRay
      No I will not be adding Tinkers or anything related to tinkers into the pack. It is my decision. If you want to add it, you can do so on your end, but do not expect any support from us.
      Apr 18, 2017
  17. Keyboardsquid
    Budding Server Admin
  18. triggerfinger12
    Living under a rock that has unreliable internet and frequent power outages.
  19. Oxide Network
    Oxide Network
    Current Servers: FTB Beyond v. 1.5.3; Project Ozone 2 v. 2.2.7; Conan Exiles|Join our Discord here:
  20. Oxide Network
    Oxide Network
    Current Servers: FTB Beyond v. 1.5.3; Project Ozone 2 v. 2.2.7; Conan Exiles