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  1. magnus818
    magnus818 sviridovt
    Hey man, i saw your post and was drawn to it. I have looked a very long time for a cozy little server so if there is more room i would gladly join. If you want more information on me hook me up on discord Kingo#5569. My ign is Gr33n1
  2. GhostShadow_
    GhostShadow_ kurikaktus
    I'm currently looking for players who are from South East Asia, so that we can play together in a small private server, build base together. Preferably players from Malaysia and Singapore, so that we can discord? We can play any modpack, especially expert modpack like Enigmatica 2 and Gregtech modpack.
  3. stimgray66
    Older gamer trying to keep up..
  4. Mrtorch
    and now you well think who i am (maybe a 10 years old kid saying wired posts) you well not know HAHAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!
  5. Mrtorch
    yeah i know YOU CANT LIGHT EVERY THING WITH GLOWSTONE!!! do you understand now
  6. Mrtorch
    didn't you think how much do you need the TORCH you light everything with her isn't lovely....
  7. Mrtorch
    do you think a torch is a think that you can go without it WELL YOU'RE WRONG cuz no one I MEAN NO ONE!!!!! go to a cave with out torch
  8. Mrtorch
    well well well who don't like torch DO YOU! i don't think so
  9. SirousaE_4
  10. nekroos753
  11. matthenry
    Time to derp!
  12. Icepower247
  13. Ginkage
  14. Rmz
    Te la comes
  15. DeusDarker
    Alive and Chillin'
  16. Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann
    never give up on your dream if you give up then you will never succeed that dream
  17. Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann
    Trying to sign in to the FTB Launcher but it is taking the mick
  18. kayck
  19. BPM
    looking for a modded white-list tech server to play with a community of like minded mod heads!
  20. NeKoGHoSt
    Jugador Activo