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  1. tnfirstza1
  2. rwillmore
    rwillmore bmstalker
    Good day! I really liked your work! Could you throw me a map for a better acquaintance, I will be very grateful to you. Base tour after 10 episodes (mountain base)
  3. Lukix5
    Lukix5 Watchful11
    Hello Watchfull11 i see that i shoud contact you when i got problems with the TerraFrirmaPunk 2.1.0 Modpack
    : can you help me to set up a Nitrado Multiplayer Server?
    i dont know how this works...
    everytime i try to start the server it crashed or i cant connect to the server
    pleas help me ^^
  4. Scorpio321
    Would u mind?
  6. Terra M Welch
    Terra M Welch
    I question why spam bots post their nonsense on these forums... How are they making any money at all off a forum not many people go to?
    1. Pyure
      Seeding their crappy URLs onto as many pages as possible to float their page to the top of search engine results.
      Nov 28, 2019
  7. Monknot
    Every day is Caturday.
  8. Kurama
  9. CVRI1324
  10. Adam SVK
  11. Toxic686
  12. NerdVini
    NerdVini Illegalpizza12
    Username: Bryce_W
    Experience with modded mc: Since 2011, i've played a lot.
    Reasons why you want to join this server: Looking for a good server to play without TROLLS!
    Edit: Age: 21
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    2. Illegalpizza12
      It should be what's it saying?
      Nov 11, 2019
    3. Illegalpizza12
      Might have to redo the whitelist file when I get home
      Nov 11, 2019
    4. Illegalpizza12
      I put the wrong ip on the page lol. Lmk if that works!
      Nov 11, 2019
  13. Shadowpigkiller
    Shadowpigkiller GreatOrator
    Hey GreatOrator, me and my friends are playing Tolkien Craft II and for some reason we are unable to kill the bosses even when we have their quests
  14. MrMonsterGuy18
    Welp, lets see how long I stay on the forum this time
  15. Nuclear_Creeper0
    This forum is dead, but I don't want to leave.
  16. DaddyJakesBoy
    Hello, i'm the longest playing Minecraft noob ever *giggles*
  17. Uliana
    Uliana dave bobik
    Hi, is your other server, bulletcraft. ddns. net:25565, ever coming back? The server seems to be offline :(
  18. Terra M Welch
    Terra M Welch
    I guess my avatar is stuck as a mosling... Why is the avatar upload on this forum janky?
    1. Terra M Welch
      Terra M Welch
      Deleted it... Yeah no wonder why these forums are quiet :s
      Oct 20, 2019
    2. Terra M Welch
      Terra M Welch
      Welp it accepted this avatar, it's an older one tho...
      Oct 20, 2019
  19. Terra M Welch
    Terra M Welch
    Welp, my last account on here was made into a guest account, all the more reason to use my real name now right?
  20. CreeperSaga95
    does anyone know that one mod that shows what type of item that is maybe im just dumb and i cant send a picture because of account postings