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  1. Suntanned Duck2
    Suntanned Duck2
    Browsing mods, making videos, reading forum threads. Enough Said.
  2. Pyure
  3. xbony2
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  4. Gideonseymour
    "just so people are aware, I do read these, just some days I forget. " - slowpoke 2012
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    2. Gideonseymour
      Part of the reason Minecraft and Modded Minecraft are so cool is because they have something other than "striving for the next tool upgrade" or whatever. Building infrastructure and stuff is where the coolness should lie
      Mar 14, 2019
    3. Gideonseymour
      On the other hand, you do need some kind of reward for setting things up properly. I tried story and unique mechanics - everyone else just goes for better tools and machines
      Mar 14, 2019
    4. Gideonseymour
      In the end there's nothing wrong with that, but think and make sure that what you're grinding for is really worth it to you. Don't throw away your time
      Mar 14, 2019
  5. Fixided
    Fixided Yusunoha
    R.I.P. Welcome to the afterlife.
  6. almamooth
    Still banned from the FTB ingame chat ;^(
  7. karl-police
    karl-police Golrith
    How did you power up the Black Hole Generator?
  8. Ygnis
    Ygnis BlueSn00w
    Do you have a discord server for your ftb server ?
    1. BlueSn00w
  9. starky2kay13
    starky2kay13 Duskflyer
    hey dude sorry to bother you but i seen your post about void world can i ask where you downloaded it please coz i cant find it anywhere ? thanx
  10. Cagi534
  11. Mr_Monokuba
    Known on Minecraft as Mr_Monokuma <3
  12. BaconsTV
    BaconsTV Flipz
    Hey I wonder if you could help a noob out. I posted in the youtube section and my post has been under moderation for a few days. Could it be checked and cleared ?
  13. BaconsTV
    I am here there and everywhere!
  14. Blucid
  15. Torgovec
    I'm from Russia :)
  16. someone35
    I want to submit my modpack Better Lite, but it would not let me send a link, so just look up "better lite" in curse.
  17. ChadderVox
    ChadderVox gotbotaz
    Thank you for making this!!!! :)

    My friends and I are starting a new server and were just thinking it would be nice if someone made a run down list!!

    Made an account just to let you know!
  18. Evie Da Potato Jesus
    Evie Da Potato Jesus
    Hi I am Da Evie you might know as The Potato Jesus :>
  19. mythingie
    mythingie slowpoke
    hello i was recently on
    and i said (big gay)
    and got banned
    no profanity, no useing it againsed anyone or said who,
    and the reason doesnt even says why, it said a name
  20. Murder9
    Mod Pack Developer