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  1. GantradiesDracos
    GantradiesDracos Malquen
    err, you still around? you mentioned something about a garbage collection tweak that improved revelation's lag?
  2. bsyzmras01
  3. Moruku
    Just a college kid who enjoys playing FTB modpacks.
  4. Nashannata
  5. Khelbyn
    Khelbyn mrzpicklez
    It's Khelbyn. Dunno if you ever check this, but add me on discord.
  6. Khelbyn
    Khelbyn omegaxvenom
    Gecko! Holy shit. Add me on Discord Khel#2950
  7. Khelbyn
    Khelbyn cital94
    Dunno if you ever check this, but add me on Discord if you see it.
  8. Khelbyn
    Khelbyn Beaver01
    Yo, Beaver. Dunno if you check this anymore but I'd love to get in contact with you again. Add me on Discord
  9. CptDumplin
    Stale memes and broken dreams
  10. Masterchef365
    No thank you
  11. Teh_Equiinox
  12. ElectronicSausage
    Shaving people, punting things.
  13. eggloss
    eggloss OreCruncher
    I have a question about your mod Dynamic Surroundings, specifically the 1.7.10 version. Is it possible to make custom configuration profiles for that version? I looked at the tutorial in Github and the files in my version are missing the custom configuration section.
    1. OreCruncher
      Oct 30, 2018
  14. Savidu Sirisoma
    Savidu Sirisoma
    What is the best JVM argument for FTB Revelation
  15. karl1123
  16. RelaperCrystal
  17. Ernie
    Play Minecraft and currently using 1.12.2 version with Direwolf20 ModPack.
  18. Gabriel Carvalho Moretto
  19. Rsge
    Burglars don't get bags! / Wer klaut kriegt keine Tüte!
  20. APEX_gaming
    APEX_gaming Nuclear_Creeper0
    mind telling me more about A Polychromatic world?
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    2. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Oh yeah, there's a guide in your inventory. The little book from one of the FTB mods?
      Sep 15, 2018
    3. APEX_gaming
      alright, new question. Is there a discord server for the pack? because I can't get the infernal blast furnace to work and it's agitating the hell out of me.
      Sep 19, 2018
    4. Nuclear_Creeper0
      Sep 19, 2018