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After much blood, sweat, and tears, we’re finally able to show off a new, heavily requested feature. Today, we are now proudly offering syncing for Third Party Packs to CurseForge. This new process will let you maintain a pack through the normal FTB third party system and have it automagically appear on Curse Voice.

To opt in to this program, first create a CurseForge modpack project using this form. You will need to fill in all the fields, including uploading a square image of at least 400x400 pixels. Reply to your modpack thread with the CurseForge Project ID. This is the approximately 6 digit number that can be found in the url. For example, 231835 is the ID for "http://minecraft.curseforge.com/modpacks/231835-the-hubris-of-magic". We will respond once the pack has been added to the system. It may take up to a few hours for your pack to convert the first time, especially if you have a lot of old versions. Future updates should only take 15-20 minutes.

What will be synced:
  • All existing modpack versions
  • All future modpack versions
  • The current recommended version on the launcher will be marked recommended on the client

What will not be synced:
  • Images
  • Author
  • Description
  • Mod list in the description (unsupported by curse)
  • Server files (unsupported by curse)

If you already have your modpack on the client, you can use the existing Project ID. Versions added on the Curse side will not sync back to the FTB side.

You must have a public modpack, listed or unlisted, to be eligible. Private modpacks are not currently allowed. In standing with our no-profit policy, you may not turn on Curse Reward Points for your project if it goes through this system.

While this system exists, it will allow users to use mods that they have received explicit permission from mod authors to include in modpacks hosted anywhere, but not ones that only allow the FTB...
Will this week's news look suspiciously like last week's news? You betcha!

New Changelog Hub:

Mod of the Month Selected:

The wait is almost over! MoTM - Botania is set to upload and launch this weekend. Keep your eyes open and gardens pruned!

And speaking of progress: the featured mod has been decided! With 16.8% of the vote, Aura Cascade is FTB's Mod of the Month for July/Summer! Congratulations! Over the next few weeks, we'll be developing new pack that features and highlights Aura Cascade!​

BlockJam This Weekend:

Feed The Beast will be participating in the BlockJam charity event for Child’s Play on the 25th and 26th. FTB Founder slowpoke101 and Lead Modpack Developer tfox83 will be representing the team as two of BlockJam’s special guests and panelists. Joining them this weekend will be Head of Launcher Dev progwml6, Pack Dev gideonseymour, Third Party Pack Admin watchful1, and Marketing and Visual Designer BigBadChris. The team will be participating in panels, meetups, and AFTER | PARTY.

You can read up more on BlockJam (and grab yourself a weekend pass by donating!) on their website located here.​

Motion Artist Wanted:

Feed The Beast is currently looking for a motion graphics artist to help on various projects such as pack trailers, stream intros/outros, and other smaller tasks. This is a volunteer position that will be working closely with the marketing and visual design teams. Experience with video production software such as Adobe Premiere...​
Quick news pieces! Boom boom boom!

Mod of the Month

We’ve got some good news to report on the Mod of the Month: Botania modpack. The redux of the released has passed a few of our internal testing gauntlets and will be making its way back to Curse Voice and our launcher shortly.

Voting for this month’s pack will end on the 17th at 12pm EST.


Feed The Beast will be participating in the BlockJam charity event for Child’s Play on the 25th and 26th. FTB Founder slowpoke101 and Lead Modpack Developer tfox83 will be representing the team as two of BlockJam’s special guests.

You can read up more on BlockJam on their website located here.​

Motion Artist Wanted

Feed The Beast is currently looking for a motion graphics artist to help on various projects such as pack trailers, stream intros/outros, and other smaller tasks. This is a volunteer position that will be working closely with the marketing and visual design teams. Experience with video production software such as Adobe Premiere and/or Sony Vegas is required; familiarity with Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D is a plus.

If you are interested, please send a link to your portfolio to the email address media AT feed-the-beast.com

Magic Bees Products

We’re proud to release the first batch of Magic Bees products to our storefront! Go check ‘em out!


Hi there, folks! We just wanted to give you a heads up on a deal that our friends over at Creeperhost are running: the 2015 Creeperhost Summer Sale! By using the code 'summersale15' during checkout for a new server, users will receive 43% off their first three months of billing!

Creeperhost has been an amazing partner and friend of Feed The Beast for a few years now- they've certainly been our personal choice for our Minecraft VPS needs. In addition to a robust global network of data centers scattered around the globe, they've got their powerful CreeperPanel at their disposal which allows for immediate, painless installation of the entire library of official FTB packs. Wanna boot up the latest version of Infinity, Departed, Trident, or Horizons: Daybreaker on a server to play around with friends? With Creeperhost, you'll be set to go in no time.

If you're in the market for a new gaming VPS service, please give Creeperhost a shot.

Short news this week. We're pretty much all out of the office on holiday! We'll be back in a bit!

Pack Updates:

Betas seem to be the news of the week!

Our popular flagship pack, Infinity, has received an update in the form of a beta today. You can now download Infinity 1.8.1 and give it a spin on Curse Voice for Minecraft as well as the FTB Launcher. Assuming all public tests run smoothly, it will be relabeled as a recommended build.

Direwolf20 1.7.10, Lite 3, and Trident betas with also join the latest Infinity build and will be available within 24 hours. Cloud9 and Vanilla+ will follow suite with beta builds of their own on Monday.

Changelogs for all updates will be available shortly once we sort out a bug in our systems.


Work continues on the reconfiguring of June’s pack. We’ll keep you updated as new information arrives.

Voting for July’s pack will continue till July 16th.

New Store Additions:

Quick tidbit - this weekend merchandise featuring Lite2 and Lite3 will make their reappearances in the store! Be on the lookout.
Due to arising issues found with this months "Mod of the Month Modpack" we decided it would be best to temporally remove it from our launcher and Curse Voice. Any previous world saves resulting from the pack being live for a few hours will be able to work with the new version once we re-release the pack. As I speak we are working behind the scenes to fix all reported bugs and errors with this pack as well as taking the opportunity to complete the quests in whole before re-releasing. Unfortunately due to Minecon an the Holiday weekend I am not able to give you an ETA.

We really would like to succeed with this tutorial style series but after seeing last months actions and the amount of content we are currently working on, I feel that moving this series away from a monthly release and making it every few months would be better for us with development and testing, and better for our players in the community. I would like to extend the voting period by a week, so two weeks total to give everyone a chance to submit their votes. As always feel free to suggest mods for the next poll in that thread. See here for next months poll. Also I believe we should shoot for one of these releases every three months as it will make a much better end product for you all and give us plenty of time for testing so we do not repeat the mistake that was made today and this last month.

I thoroughly believe in trying new things and introducing new content to our community in a timely manner, some of these new things do not go quite as planned, and this is a good example of that. Like the great W. E. Hickson once said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again." I will continue to work hard and learn for my mistakes to bring our community new and exiting content. Once again I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused anyone and look for a re-release of MoTH: Botania 1.1.0 in the...
Welcome, welcome! July has already started and the summer heat is on! While we wait for June's Botania pack to sync to our repos, we figured we'd start getting July's vote underway!


For those who haven't been in the loop, Feed The Beast has started a new initiative to release small, individually-focused modpacks alongside our larger packs and flagship releases. In general, these packs will contain a singular, major mod along with any expansions, upgrades, or mod-specific addons that we feel would help round out and enhance the experience. Based on the complexity of the pack, an interactive tutorial system will also be implemented for both guidance and potential extra challenge. Furthermore, the contents of these monthly packs will be decided entirely by a community vote run on our forum, giving players direct control over the direction will take!

So let's kick July into gear! To participate, simply cast your vote in the attached poll; we’ll be tallying up the responses on the 9th and releasing the pack around August 1st along with another poll. Same process for August, September, and the foreseeable future!


“But wait,” you might say to yourself. “There’s a mod I want a pack made out of that isn’t on the list!”

We’ve got that covered too. Mods on the list will be rotated in and out routinely as the months go on based on suggestions we receive. There are some exceptions, though: some full-conversion mods like GregTech and TerraFirmaCraft have been deemed a bit too big for this system. However, if there’s enough community support for conversion-type mods, we’ll be looking into adapting them into larger, stand-alone releases in the future.

And with that: happy voting!
Post Town Hall so we've got a lot of news to cover!

Jampacked II Final Results!

Feed The Beast Presents Cloud9, Available Now!

A new pack has arrived! We're amazingly thrilled to announce a new partnership with Let's Players and Internet personalities iHasCupquake and redb15 to deliver the newest season of their Cloud9 series. Together we've been designing and constructing this pack a means to breathe life into their well-loved Minecraft YouTube staple. This weekend, we're pleased to finally release this pack for immediate download on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher.

Like the Direwolf20 series, we'll also be offering world downloads in tandem with their series so you can play and explore alongside and the intrepid duo as well.

You can watch iHasCupquake and redb15's announcement below

Vanilla+ Available Now

Another release! Vanilla+ is now availible for immediate download on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher. You can learn more about Vanilla+ in our previously posted press release.
Pack Updates

Direwolf20 1.7.10, Infinity, Trident, and Lite 3 all received updates this week in the form of beta versions! Once each pack has gone through multiple iterations of testing in the wild, they'll be move and relabeled as recommended builds.
New Changelog Hub
After two months of competition, 29 packs submitted, a month of judging, 91 volunteer judges and 168 judging results, we have our winners.

First place: Obscurity by SnowShock35 and JohnnyMobbins (pack code: obscurity)
They win 15,000 curse reward points, worth 750 US dollars and £500 CreeperHost account credit, worth 787 US dollars at the time of posting

Second place: Void World by Storkman101 and SpiritofMC (pack code: storkman)
They win 10,000 curse reward points, worth 500 US dollars and £350 CreeperHost account credit, worth 551 US dollars at the time of posting

Third place: Refuge by dmaster8, CreativeMaster8 and Rocketblaster37 (pack code: refuge)
They win 5,000 curse reward points, worth 250 US dollars and £150 CreeperHost account credit, worth 236 US dollars at the time of posting

We will be contacting the winners to hand out prizes shortly. Additionally, all three packs will be available on the main list in the third party tab of the launcher soon.

Some of the other worthy contestants whose packs are available to play:
Elementary by Loke (ElementaryMyDearWatson)
Sieged by ILLEGAL (si3g3d)
The Entanglement Matrix by electrifeye (entanglematrix)
Jovian by Biochao (jovian)
Atlas-4 by CrusherTechnologies (ATLAS4)
Post Finem by Landstryder (finem)
Atonment by Iskandar (purpledeath)
Galactic Science by Caithleen (THX2MYM)
Void Shadows by BioMasterZap (VoidShadows)
Hello World by Chazwade (helloworld)
Gone World by Kel_Co (GoneWorld)
The Langoliers by rafacost3d (LANGO)

A big thanks to everyone who submitted a pack as well as all the volunteers who helped judge.

See you all next time!
Greetings, all!

Feed The Beast will be hosting a Town Hall-styled meeting this Friday, June 26th at 3PM EST (8PM BST, 12PM PDT). The meeting will be broadcasted over on our Official Twitch Page. Our goal is to conduct these meetings regularly to both present news as well as provide a venue in which we can answer and address any questions or concerns the community may have.

While we've got a few announcements, secret reveals, and tidbits of our own to share, we would like most of our docket decided by our userbase. To make sure that your question gets answered over the air, we'll be gathering questions posted in this topic ahead of time. We'll be doing our best to answer as many questions as possible.

For this Town Hall, the currently confirmed participants are:

- slowpoke101: FTB Founder
[ Twitter | Twitch | YouTube ]
- captainnana: System Administrator
[ Twitter ]
- tfox83: Pack Development Lead
[ Twitter | Twitch | YouTube ]
- Gideon Seymour: Modpack Developer
- BigBadChris: Marketing & Visual...