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Surprise surprise! In case you missed the streams and press release this week, well, we’ve got a new pack in the works!

Vanilla+ is a modpack designed around capturing and enhancing the feel and playstyle of vanilla Minecraft. Unlike the Lite series which adds technology, magic, and infrastructure, Vanilla+ focuses on gameplay expansion through game tweaks and mechanics adjustment whilst spicing up the world here and there through additional content.

You can read more about Vanilla+ and check out the current modlist here. Launching late June.​

Mod-of-the-Month Selected

We also wrapped up our first voting session for our Mod-of-the-Month pack this week. June’s winner is Botania with 21.1% of the overall vote! The people have spoken!

Pack development will begin shortly. The first pack release (and poll for the next round of voting with a new slew of mods) is set to arrive in early July.​

Horizons: Daybreaker Pre-Release

Like Trident and Departed, there will be a pre-release stream for Horizons: Daybreaker to celebrate its release. We’ll be featuring some gameplay videos and questions for the lead designer gideonseymore covering both the development history and content of this newest iteration. The pack will then be available immediately after stream on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher.

The stream will run on June 19th. Specific times will be released on Monday.
Horizons: Daybreaker and Vanilla+ Merch now Available

Merchandise for our two newest packs are available on our webstore! You can now snag Daybreaker and Vanilla+ themed t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, phone cases, prints, and much more over on society6. ​

Feed The Beast is proud to announce the newest member of the FTB modpack series: Vanilla+. Originally devised as an internal project, we have decided to lift the veil, expand our vision, and release this pack to the general public.

Modded minecraft has evolved massively over the last 18 months. With the development of mods such as Buildcraft, Industrialcraft 2 and Thermal Dynamics in 1.7 as well as incredible new mods like Botania, mod packs are becoming increasingly more complex. Looking at the plethora of work not only coming from the FTB Team but also from the multitude of third-party creators, it’s becoming increasingly evident that there’s truly is a modpack out there for almost everyone.

But one area we feel untouched is the standard vanilla experience. FTB Vanilla+ is our attempt to make a mod pack that delivers some of the benefits of Modded Minecraft whilst maintaining the Vanilla feel to a world. While our Lite packs are meant to dive into additional gameplay add-ons like infrastructure, technology, and magic, Vanilla+ is designed to enhance the core mechanics of Minecraft’s base content, providing a familiar yet enhanced playthrough.

Within Vanilla+ players will find UI mods in the form of NEI and Inventory Tweaks and decorative flair through mods like Forge Multipart and the familiar faces of Bibliocraft and Decocraft. Also bundled with the pack will be farming enhancements like Agricraft and Hunger Overhaul, storage options like Storage Drawers, and a heavily modified version of Railcraft focused around tracks and minecarts.

These additions and more help to bring to life our vision of how Vanilla Minecraft should be played. As always, all of the hard work has been done for us by the many talented mod makers out there. We want to thank not just the makers of the mods that are in this pack but anyone out there that is helping to make mods. We hope you all enjoy our vision of...
Heyo! Short bit of news this week due to technical difficulties. We're just gonna zoom through this one!

Pack Updates

The new builds of Lite 3, Infinity, and Direwolf20 1.7.10 have now been pushed to Recommended. You can go ahead and grab those updated packs off of Curse Voice for Minecraft or the FTB Launcher.

Mod-of-The-Month Pack

Just a reminder that voting is currently underway for the June edition of our Mod-of-the-Month Pack! We've gotten a huge outpouring of votes and suggestions for future mods already but there's always room for more! Cast your vote, check the results, and post any suggestions over in the Mod-of-The-Month topic!
Welcome, welcome! June has just begun: flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and the FTB team is totally ignoring the wonders of the outdoors in favor of building some lovely themed packs. All is right in the world.

Introduced last week, Feed The Beast is starting a new initiative to release small, individually-focused modpacks alongside our larger packs and flagship releases. In general, these packs will contain a singular, major mod along with any expansions, upgrades, or mod-specific addons that we feel would help round out and enhance the experience. An interactive tutorial system will also be implemented for both guidance and potential extra challenge. Furthermore, the contents of these monthly packs will be decided entirely by a community vote run on our forum, giving players direct control over the direction will take!

So, dear players, let’s kick June off with a bang! We’ve got the first selection of mods already set to go. To participate, simply cast your vote in the attached poll; we’ll be tallying up the responses on the 9th and releasing the pack around July 1st along with another poll. Same process for July, August, September, and the foreseeable future!

“But wait,” you might say to yourself. “There’s a mod I want a pack made out of that isn’t on the list!”

We’ve got that covered too. Mods on the list will be rotated in and out routinely as the months go on based on suggestions we receive. There are some exceptions, though: some full-conversion mods like GregTech and TerraFirmaCraft have been deemed a bit too big for this system. However, if there’s enough community support for conversion-type mods, we’ll be looking into adapting them into larger, stand-alone releases in the future.

And with that: happy voting!
Busy, busy day, eh? Let’s get rolling!

Horizons: Daybreaker


Arguably the biggest news of the night! At the end of our Town Hall stream, we released a teaser trailer for Horizons: Daybreaker, the sequel to our showcase 1.6.4. pack Horizons.

For those unfamiliar with the Horizons series, these packs are designed to focus primarily on mods new to the FTB family of packs. Like the original pack, Daybreaker will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor by shining the spotlight on fantastic 1.7.10 mods that have often flew under the radar of players.

This time around, Horizons: Daybreaker will be featuring mods like Galacticraft, OpenComputers, Matter Overdrive, Blood Arsenal, Aura Cascade, and many, many more. As we get a bit closer to the release date, we’ll be sharing more information with everyone.

Horizons: Daybreaker is set to release on June 19th during our pre-release stream.​

Mod of the Month Pack

Also revealed during the Town Hall! This name-pending modpack will be a small monthly-released pack that, in each of its different versions, will focus on a singular modification and its add-ons and expansions. While the whole project will carry a unified name, the different update versions of this pack will be stand-alone releases.

The core mod of each version will be chosen by a community vote on this forum at the beginning of each month and the final pack will be released at the start of the following month.

Voting for the first release of this pack will begin on June 1st. Get ready, players!​

Town Hall

Just a few hours ago we wrapped up our first ever Town Hall stream over on Twitch. A few members of the FTB Core Team sat down with the community and answered some...​

Prepare to launch. June 19th.
Greetings, all!

Feed The Beast will be hosting a Town Hall-styled meeting this Friday, May 29th at 3PM EST (8PM BST, 12PM PDT). The meeting will be broadcasted over on our Official Twitch Page with additional locations pending. Our goal is to conduct these meetings regularly to both present news as well as provide a venue in which we can answer and address any questions or concerns the community may have.

While we've got a few announcements and tidbits of our own to share, we would like most of our docket decided by our userbase. Over the next few days we'll be gathering questions posted in this topic, submitted to the Feed The Beast subreddit, and from the #FTBTownHall hashtag on Twitter. We'll be doing our best to answer as many questions as possible.

For this Town Hall, the currently confirmed participants are:

- slowpoke101: FTB Founder
- captainnana: System Administrator
[ Twitter ]
- tfox83: Pack Development Lead
- Gideon Seymour: Modpack Developer
[ Twitter | Twitch |...
Drifter, it is time for you to travel once more.

Feed The Beast is proud to release Departed, our newest adventure and exploration-themed pack.


At Departed’s core is Nevermine: Advent of Ascension, an expansive mod that sports over 200 new creatures, countless magical and combative artifacts, and an ever-growing list of unique dimensions. It is your role as a vagabond to fight off wretched entities, drift between worlds, and unravel the mysterious that each realm holds.

To aid in your journey, player may find familiar tools and resources from popular magic-theme mods such as Thaumcraft, Witchery, Botania, and Thaumic Tinkerer.


This weekend we also had a Twitch stream in which we discussed the development of Departed and showed off a preview of the pack. You can watch a copy of the stream below:


Departed 1.0.0 is currently available to play on Curse Voice as well as the FTB Launcher. You can view the changelog here.

Departed-themed merchandise is also available on or storefront..

NOTE: There seems to be a delay on Curse Voice for Departed. We're investigating. Departed is also available on the FTB Launcher.
Super short news post this week. We’re all running around preparing for stuff, as usual!

Departed Pre-Release Stream:

We’re hosting a stream tomorrow to celebrate the release of FTB Departed, our newest pack. For more information, be sure to visit our forum thread here.

FTB Town Hall:

We’d also like to announce that we’ll be hosting our Town Hall meeting next week. For those who missed the initial announcement last month, the Town Hall is a monthly public Q&A with the Core FTB Team. We’ll be covering such topics as current FTB going-ons, future FTB projects, our release roadmap, and much more.

On Monday, we’ll post the official meeting time and open up a thread to submit and discuss questions. In the same vein as our PAX panels, we’ll do our best to cover these topics as well as take those that spring up from chat during the event.

Please stay tuned for more information and be sure to check back here on Monday.​
Like Trident before, Feed The Beast is planning a Twitch event for the release of its newest pack, Departed.

Join us this Friday, May, 22nd at 6:00PM EST (3PM PST, 10PM UTC, 11PM BST) on the Official Feed The Beast Twitch account for an afternoon of celebration and festivities. We’ll be discussing the development of Departed, exploring mods within the pack, showing off some new store merchandise, and hosting a Q&A session with both Watchful1, the head developer of Departed, and a few members of the Beta Tester group.

Hope to see you all there!

EDIT: For those who can't make it, we'll be uploading a copy of the stream onto our YouTube channel.