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It has just come to our attention that the release version of Mystcraft that was distributed with the original pack was a development build. Due to the nature of the problems with this version, we have decided to roll back to a slightly earlier version. However due the the changes in the mods code, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the worlds that have been created using the original version of Magic World. Internal Testing has been encouraging with worlds still appearing to be OK, however there may be some 'quirks with your worlds. we strongly encourage people to make backups of your world before logging back in.
If any server admins read this that have downloaded and installed the latest server update, can you please check op list that came with it. The file was distributed with a pre made ops list that contained a pregenerated list. This was an accident and the offending file has been removed from the download. You should be able to just remove our names from the list and save the file.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are currently pushing out a couple of updates to both the client and server side packs. These fixes are pretty much back end only. However there are a couple of small changes to mods, specifically Extra Bees was removed as its broken. This will be re-added in the future if all goes well.

For everyone using servers. Please remember this is an interim pack that was added in order to let us test certain configs and mods out. The first full packs will come with 1.4.5 and should come with a much more complete set of mods. Whist we will make every effort to ensure existing worlds work, we cannot guarantee this is going to happen.

Finally, we are already working on the pack for 1.4.5. It is our hope to get the pack our soon after the release of 1.4.5 but as always this is mod dependent. We understand that this will cause issues for some people and apologise in advance for any problems that arise.

edit New Client and Server pushed at 00:15 GMT These should be working fine now.
As the site grows we have decided to add several new people to the FTB Web Team. The following people have joined the team as Global Moderator. They are responsible for running the moderators team and work closely with both myself and the other FTB members.

Global Moderator

To assist in the moderation, we have introduced a number of Junior Moderators who will be the first point of contact for most issues.

Junior Moderators
  • Flipz -- Feed the Beast
There will be more moderators added as deemed necessary.
p.s. Anyone who asks to be a moderator will automatically be excluded from being invited to become one.

FTB Team Members (not forum related):

These are the leaders/ members of the different FTB Teams. Unless they are also a moderator they are not moderators on the forums though they may have some ability to do some moderation/administrative tasks in various forums.

  • CaptainNana - Website development and System Admin
  • Jadedcat - Modpack Development Team
  • Eyamaz - Modpack Development Team
  • Lathanael - Maintains the reference repository of mods
  • Jjw - Launcher Development
  • Unv - Launcher Development...

The Feed the Beast Modpack and Launcher are NOW AVAILABLE! Get it here:

So for all of you that want to go right ahead and get started with FTB now here is a video by Direwolf20 explaining how to setup your client and server using the feed the beast launcher, please remember that the pack is still in beta and so may not contain all of the mods that will be in the final release however all being well worlds created in this version will be compatible in future versions of feed the beast, we would also like to thank Direwolf for the awesome tutorial that will probably save us many hours of support requests. Thanks to everyone for supporting feed the beast and we hope to see you around here in the future.

The FTB Team
With the US and China both getting new leaders this week the world is changing a lot but we can't let them have all the action so we are proud to announce the launch of the official Feed The Beast launcher and modpack!

The launch will be on the 10th of November 2012 (That’s Saturday) at 7pm GMT (11am PST with the stream starting an hour before) the launch will be streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/slowpoke101 with lots of special guests live on stream so be sure to follow to make sure you don’t miss that!

We would like to stress that whilst the launcher is now at a standard that we are comfortable launching it. The mod packs that will be distributed with the initial release are interim packs only. As new mods are updated and released to the public these mods will be intergrated into the packs and available to download as soon as is possible. We could have continued to wait, but honestly when loking forwards it could easily have been another month before everything was ready for a complete release of everything. This was a situation that just was not acceptable. It should also be noted that for now, we are only supporting vanilla servers until a viable system for server plugins becomes available.

The following is a list of some of the mods in the initial release of the modpack we understand that many of your favourite mods may be missing but don’t worry there will be frequent updates as they update to 1.4 and beyond!

Mod List

Minecraft Forge
Chickenbones Core
Chickenbones NEI
Rei's Minimap
Advanced Machines
Buildcraft 3
Computer Craft
Ender Storage
Extra Bees
ExtraBiomes XL
Industrial Craft 2
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
Advanced Solar Panels
Modular Forcefield System
Obsidian Pressure Plates
Portal Gun
Steves Carts
Thermal Expansion
Twilight Forest

We hope that you have lots of fun playing the mod pack and everything else feed the beast has to offer and we hope to see you...
We are currently looking to add to the FTB team 2 or 3 people who will be responsible for building, updating and maintaining FTB Mod Packs. They will be responsible for ensuring both client and server side packs are built using correct item and block ID's. Packs are kept updated with the latest versions and be responsible for pushing new packs to the server.

Furthermore you will be also responsible for checking applications for third party mod packs. Ensuring permissions are in place and there is nothing malicious in the pack before pushing it to the launcher. Extensive experience with running servers is essential with good experience with git.

We are looking for people who can come up with a good plan to ensure updates are done as smoothly as possible. For anyone who is interested, please PM me, giving details of previous experience and giving ideas for how you would maintain the various packs.

We will leave this open for about a week, After which I will post any applications in the admin forum for members of the team to comment on and after that we will select people to talk to.
We are currently looking to add to the FTB team someone to organise and keep updated various forms of Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc. We are looking for a person with a mature attitude that is able to work off their own initiative and as part of a growing team. Whilst previous experience of running a project like this would be a huge advantage, it is not essential.

For anyone interested, please PM me here on the forums giving details (providing examples when possible) of previous experience and an idea of what you would like to do in order to help promote FTB.

We will leave this open for about a week, After which I will post any applications in the admin forum for members of the team to comment on and after that we will select people to talk to.

Although this may come across a little formal, however we are looking for the right person to fit the team and this has already generated a lot of interest.
The FTB team is pleased to announce that at the upcoming Pax East show, we will be installing the FTB Mod Pack and a brand new FTB tournament map on servers in the BYOC area. Whilst exact details have yet to be finalised, we plan to have a couple of members from the FTB team at Pax to help out and answer questions.

Our goal is to host a live tournament during the event with giveaways and prizes. We also hope to have a couple of FTB modded servers for people to join and play on.

More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

In other news, The New launcher and Mod Pack is now planned to be released in 1.4. Hopefully mod updates should be a lot smoother this time, enabling us to get the pack out quickly.

We will be having a new logo here at feed the beast and we would love for one of you to make it for us! All you have to do to enter is create your logo and post it as a reply in this thread, you can enter as many times as you like feel free to give constructive feedback to other contestants.

Design brief:

For those of you that have never really used design briefs before this is just a rough guide of what we want you can do ANYTHING you want but this could help you be creative, its deliberately vague so we don't hinder your creative process.

Our current logo:
It might be a good idea to keep the minecraft style and the colours but as I said before this is your design, do what you want with it.
We are looking for a more artistic logo with a bit more handmade feel I am really into web 2.0 logos (they are logos like skype and youtube that are generally seen as web logos generally with gradients and rounded corners) while slow is into more into pictorial logos that are easily recognisable like the apple logo or the CocaCola logo. Letter form logos are also nice as well but if you want to do one of those make sure its recognisable to minecraft fans not just a logo.

Other than that go and have some fun with it, see what you can come up with; I look forward to seeing them!

Web Designer

The contest is now over so don't try and enter!