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So since the launch of our support site it has been gaining popularity in use and now our current support team just cant handle the volume of tickets so we are now looking for a larger support team!

If you are interested in joining the team then you will need to complete the following application and PM it to captainnana (me):

=Copy From here=

Contact email:


A bit about yourself:

Experience in support:

Example support request:

So having tried the current support site and ran a poll to see what people see what you all thought there was no real clear winner from that, I have decided that the current support site isn't that great and will be discontinued as of now, it will be replaced by our new support desk desk.feed-the-beast.com this will be ran by our team (there will also be applications to help out on there soon) so the support given to people as well as the bug tracking should be a lot better, again this is another trial and therefore it may not stay forever depending on how well it works. The idea is that people can still use the forums to get help from the community and if they can't get the answers they need there then they can create a support ticket with us for us to help them, as questions keep appearing we will be adding common answers to the knowledge base so be sure to check there if you have a problem.

I would also like to thank Kayako for allowing us to use this software which normally we would have no hope of ever affording!

Thanks for the feedback as always and be sure to let me know what you think of the new desk.
I am pleased to announce that the launcher now has a modpack that will allow you to play the FTB Insanity map on SMP with your friends!

simply hit the download server button to download all the files and you can then connect to that server (which has the map pre-loaded) and start playing!
Please find below the latest news with regards to the update of the FTB Launcher and Mod Packs.

Currently the launcher is being further refined and optimised. Upcoming features on the launcher that are currently planned include:

Private Pack Support (Done): Includes private codes for packs so the modpack list is only populated with the packs you use
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Backdating of maps (Done): This will allow you to see when there is more than one version of a map e.g. the Direwolf20 world maps
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Ability to select between multiple config options for individual mods: e.g. selecting between easy mode and hard mode Gregtech from within the launcher.
ETA: 3-4 Weeks

Advanced options for Java and Java Selection. (Done)
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Launcher Skinning: The abilty to create, intall and use various skins for the Launcher.
ETA: Unknown

For a full changelog of the launcher please visit:

Change log

Currently we are working on several new packs for the FTB Launcher. The following is the latest available news.

FTBBetaA: The first test pack that was released. This pack will be phased out over the next month or two.

FTB Ultimate: Waiting on further mods to be updated and released to the public.
ETA: Unknown

FTB Map Pack: Waiting on Equivalent Exchange 3, work starting on the map shortly.
ETA Unknown

FTB TechWorld: Construction and testing will begin soon.
ETA 1 week (Very soon)

FTB Magic World: Released, further mods that we hope to add include Ars Magicka and Mystcraft. This pack will be updated once these mods are updated and ready for release.
ETA: Unknown (Soon)

FTB Direwolf20 and FTB Mindcrack: Both released. These packs will be updated upon request by the relevent parties.

FTB Lite: Pack should go into testing over the next week. I would like to see this pack released in the next week or 2. This is NOT a fixed date but just an internal target. (Very soon)

From now...
The FTB team would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and we hope you got everything you wanted! It looks like falling chickens was on your wish list this year... how odd...
PortalGun causes raining chickens if you play on christmas day (Dec 25th).

If you have a problem with that you can:
  • Open your config and set the following option to 0
  • ####################
    # others

    others {
    # Oh wouldn't you like to know?
  • disable PortalGun
  • or set your system time to Dec 26th temporarily
Tonight will see the first of the main 1.4.6 mod packs added onto the FTB Launcher. Initially the Mindcrack and the Direwolf20 packs will be added, with more packs added soon.

These packs should be added to your launcher automatically.
Slowpoke speaks to Docm about where FTB is going to be going in the future:

Hello everyone,
Due to a minor error, peoples usernames and passwords were printed to the console in a recent launcher version. We apologise for this, and would recommend everyone that pasted a recent log to pastebin to change your passwords; only users that pasted logs relating to failed login were affected by this all other logs did not contain any passwords. We will be doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure that nothing like this happens again, but if you suspect you may have posted it to pastebin, we strongly recommend you change the password now, to avoid any unfortunate things happening with your details. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

-jjw123 and the rest of the launcher team

EDIT: we have contacted pastebin and got all pastes removed with the passwords in. hopefully there should be no issues of someone stumbling upon it accidentally
So I have recently received further news about the release of Red Power 2. It has apparently been decided that release of the mod has been delayed until after the 21st December 2012. Apparently there are fears that if Eloraam was to release now, the amount of data being downloaded at one time would effectively bring down the internet. This would lead to a chain of events that would cumulate in the end of world.

It is hoped that by delaying the upcoming release of Red Power we can avoid this disaster and may get to see a future where we finally get to a point where FTB can release a stable mod pack, the hard work of Pahimar and Soaryn isn't wasted and we all get to see the amazing looking Equivalent Exchange and Xycraft, and Notch and Jeb finally give the mod developers a few weeks to breathe by not releasing a new version or update to Minecraft (OK sorry, I admit it, the last one is a dream).

Anyways, you can all relax for the next few weeks, give your F5 key a much earned break and enjoy the awesome mods that are already out there.
So now everyone has had chance to use both the support site and the tech support forums I would like to know which one we should continue to use from here on in. Please only vote if you have used both thanks :)

  • Obviously the support site will be improved if its kept but please vote on the concept.
  • I would like to keep support in one place but I have added both as an option incase that is the best idea in others opinions but I honestly think that would split the support up too much