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The FTB team would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and we hope you got everything you wanted! It looks like falling chickens was on your wish list this year... how odd...
PortalGun causes raining chickens if you play on christmas day (Dec 25th).

If you have a problem with that you can:
  • Open your config and set the following option to 0
  • ####################
    # others

    others {
    # Oh wouldn't you like to know?
  • disable PortalGun
  • or set your system time to Dec 26th temporarily
Tonight will see the first of the main 1.4.6 mod packs added onto the FTB Launcher. Initially the Mindcrack and the Direwolf20 packs will be added, with more packs added soon.

These packs should be added to your launcher automatically.
Slowpoke speaks to Docm about where FTB is going to be going in the future:

Hello everyone,
Due to a minor error, peoples usernames and passwords were printed to the console in a recent launcher version. We apologise for this, and would recommend everyone that pasted a recent log to pastebin to change your passwords; only users that pasted logs relating to failed login were affected by this all other logs did not contain any passwords. We will be doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure that nothing like this happens again, but if you suspect you may have posted it to pastebin, we strongly recommend you change the password now, to avoid any unfortunate things happening with your details. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

-jjw123 and the rest of the launcher team

EDIT: we have contacted pastebin and got all pastes removed with the passwords in. hopefully there should be no issues of someone stumbling upon it accidentally
So I have recently received further news about the release of Red Power 2. It has apparently been decided that release of the mod has been delayed until after the 21st December 2012. Apparently there are fears that if Eloraam was to release now, the amount of data being downloaded at one time would effectively bring down the internet. This would lead to a chain of events that would cumulate in the end of world.

It is hoped that by delaying the upcoming release of Red Power we can avoid this disaster and may get to see a future where we finally get to a point where FTB can release a stable mod pack, the hard work of Pahimar and Soaryn isn't wasted and we all get to see the amazing looking Equivalent Exchange and Xycraft, and Notch and Jeb finally give the mod developers a few weeks to breathe by not releasing a new version or update to Minecraft (OK sorry, I admit it, the last one is a dream).

Anyways, you can all relax for the next few weeks, give your F5 key a much earned break and enjoy the awesome mods that are already out there.
So now everyone has had chance to use both the support site and the tech support forums I would like to know which one we should continue to use from here on in. Please only vote if you have used both thanks :)

  • Obviously the support site will be improved if its kept but please vote on the concept.
  • I would like to keep support in one place but I have added both as an option incase that is the best idea in others opinions but I honestly think that would split the support up too much
It has just come to our attention that the release version of Mystcraft that was distributed with the original pack was a development build. Due to the nature of the problems with this version, we have decided to roll back to a slightly earlier version. However due the the changes in the mods code, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the worlds that have been created using the original version of Magic World. Internal Testing has been encouraging with worlds still appearing to be OK, however there may be some 'quirks with your worlds. we strongly encourage people to make backups of your world before logging back in.
If any server admins read this that have downloaded and installed the latest server update, can you please check op list that came with it. The file was distributed with a pre made ops list that contained a pregenerated list. This was an accident and the offending file has been removed from the download. You should be able to just remove our names from the list and save the file.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

We are currently pushing out a couple of updates to both the client and server side packs. These fixes are pretty much back end only. However there are a couple of small changes to mods, specifically Extra Bees was removed as its broken. This will be re-added in the future if all goes well.

For everyone using servers. Please remember this is an interim pack that was added in order to let us test certain configs and mods out. The first full packs will come with 1.4.5 and should come with a much more complete set of mods. Whist we will make every effort to ensure existing worlds work, we cannot guarantee this is going to happen.

Finally, we are already working on the pack for 1.4.5. It is our hope to get the pack our soon after the release of 1.4.5 but as always this is mod dependent. We understand that this will cause issues for some people and apologise in advance for any problems that arise.

edit New Client and Server pushed at 00:15 GMT These should be working fine now.
As the site grows we have decided to add several new people to the FTB Web Team. The following people have joined the team as Global Moderator. They are responsible for running the moderators team and work closely with both myself and the other FTB members.

Global Moderator

To assist in the moderation, we have introduced a number of Junior Moderators who will be the first point of contact for most issues.

Junior Moderators
  • Flipz -- Feed the Beast
There will be more moderators added as deemed necessary.
p.s. Anyone who asks to be a moderator will automatically be excluded from being invited to become one.

FTB Team Members (not forum related):

These are the leaders/ members of the different FTB Teams. Unless they are also a moderator they are not moderators on the forums though they may have some ability to do some moderation/administrative tasks in various forums.

  • CaptainNana - Website development and System Admin
  • Jadedcat - Modpack Development Team
  • Eyamaz - Modpack Development Team
  • Lathanael - Maintains the reference repository of mods
  • Jjw - Launcher Development
  • Unv - Launcher Development...