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FTB is currently looking for volunteers to fill several positions that are now available.

The first is for the new Challenge maps. We are looking for people for the verifier position. This will involve watching submitted timed runs of challenge maps to ensure no exploits have been used. If you're interested in this position please fill out the following form.


The second position is for map and pack builders to help with future challenge maps. If you have experience in building maps or modpacks and are interested in joining, please fill out the following.


Finally if you are a youtuber or streamer that is interested in recording an episode or streaming live from the Challenge map server along side the map developers, please fill out the following form.


Finally in the coming week we will be opening up applications for FTB Beta testing upcoming packs. Applications for this will start in the next week or so.
A few days ago, Slowpoke and TFox from the FTB Team hosted a Townhall meeting over at Twitch, discussing upcoming changes to the FTB Beyond pack as well as Expert Mode. During that meeting they also answered some questions made by the community. You can find more details of all of this meeting at the bottom of this post.

About FTB and Vazkii in general

We've talked with Vazkii a lot about his mods, yet this comes back again and again. To make it clear: we do not have any problem with Vazkii's mods whatsoever. We actually think them to be excellent. But just because we think either a mod or a mod developer is excellent, doesn't necesarily mean we think it's fit for one pack or another.

About Beyond, community feedback and its next update
The whole team got together this afternoon prior to this stream and, based on all the feedback we've been getting regarding the pack, we're going to be making some changes [Update: these changes have been implemented in version 1.2.0]

Let's talk about this one first, since it's the easiest one to go over. We're gonna revert the recipe changes, back to the mod's original one, and that will remain like that on normal mode. This change will go live on the next public beta (1.2.0), which should release around friday. To be clear, it's not that we think anything has changed, but the argument of ComputerCraft being available like that but not Psi is completely valid (More detail on that down below). That's why we're reverting this completely.

Here we're also reverting some, but not all, of our changes. Now, tfox has noted that out of the available config changes that Quarks offers in its config, we'd disabled about 30% of that mod as it stands up until now. We're gonna go through all of those changes individually, and we'll explain our reasoning for why we made that decision at the time, and what are we going to do about it moving forward:

  • ...
The FTB Modpack development team will be hosting a Townhall style meeting tomorrow night (15 March 2017).

The townhall will be hosted live at https://www.twitch.tv/officialfeedthebeast starting at 7:30pm GMT (3:30pm EST)

During this townhall we will be focusing on FTB Beyond, where we will be discussing areas of game balance recipe changes and overall design. We will also be talking about the upcoming Expert mode on which work has started.

If you have a question related to FTB Beyond, please add it into this thread.

We are very pleased to officially announce the release of FTB Beyond.

FTB Beyond is the latest iteration of our kitchen sink packs, being the minecraft 1.10 upgrade to FTB Infinity. But it's no ordinary kitchen sink pack, we've tweaked and customized it into the classic FTB experience you know and love.

Starting off, we have the latest version of FTB Utils.

A revamped team GUI.

Chunk claiming and server leaderboards

We've completely redone ore generation.


  • AE2 meteors disabled
  • AE2 grinder ore double chance changed from 90% to 75%
  • Extreme Reactors fuel usage multiplier changed from 1 to 8
  • Extreme Reactors charcoal not smeltable into graphite
  • Extreme Reactors yellorite smelting to uranium disabled
  • Extreme Reactors requires hardened or reinforced glass instead of plain glass
  • Agricraft ore plants disabled
  • Agricraft weed spawn chance changed from 15% to 5%
  • Aroma's Mining World disabled grass on top
  • Aroma's Mining World regular day cycle enabled
  • COFH Core flat bedrock enabled
  • Environmental Tech per cell base rate changed from 80 to 72
  • Forestry disabled crafting of bronze
  • Forestry farms use a square layout
  • Railcraft disabled world anchors
  • Techreborn disable railcraft's iron nugget to steel nugget recipe
  • Techreborn disable gem tools and armor
  • Chest Transporter disable all transporters below diamond...
Modpack News

Unfortunately we missed our internal deadline of getting FTB Beyond out this month. But we're close and currently projecting a release for sometime next week.

The NVIDIA bug we posted about last month has been fixed in the latest recommended driver, so you can safely update if prompted to.

Content Creator

We mentioned back in January that we had received a lot of applications to join the FTB One community. We've finished processing them all and have invited the following content creators. Take a look and give them a follow!

TheDrakma and...
Short news post this month.

Modpack News

We're getting close to a release of FTB Beyond. There are a few mods that are being finished, but we're hoping to have it out this month.

NVIDIA's latest driver release, version 378.49, causes crashes with modded minecraft. Either avoid updating to this version or install this hotfix.

Edit: A fixed NVIDIA driver has been released.

Content Creator


This month's featured content creators are 1chick and TheDrakma. They stream at 10pm EST nightly, excluding Monday and Friday.

Modpack News

In collaboration with BaconDonut and Darkosto, we released Skyfactory 3 for minecraft 1.10.

Last month we wrote that a new pack, FTB Evolved, was being developed. The choice of name, a throwback to our 1.7 pack, was a bit controversial.

Back when we released the original FTB Infinity, we hoped to use it a flagship pack, a well known name we could keep across minecraft versions. The numerous changes in modded minecraft between 1.7 and 1.10 made the new packs too different to stick with the Infinity name. We tried keeping some connection to the old pack with the "Infinity Lite" and "Evolved" names, but after all the feedback we've decided to scrap the idea.

We're pleased to officially announce FTB Beyond. We're still working on it, fixing up some bugs and waiting for a few more mods to release, but we're hoping for a release in the next month or two.

FTB One Community Applications

We've received a fantastic response to the call for applications to join our Content Creator Community. We're sifting through and sorting all the applications but it is going to take some time so please bear with us! We should be in a position to do a batch of invites in the next week or so.

Content Creator


This month's featured content creator is WeAllPlayCast. WeAllPlayCast consists of Rajacent and Hermyone. They dual stream weeknights at 8:30PM EST.

Modpack News

We're finally getting rolling on minecraft 1.10. After putting out FTB Presents Hermitpack, we finally released our first flagship pack on a current Minecraft version in years.

In our continuing partnership with Direwolf20, we've released the latest iteration of his single player pack. You can follow along with his series by downloading his world every ten episodes. Just click on the pack in the curse app, click maps and search for "direwolf20".

Coming in the next few months is another, larger pack currently named FTB Evolved. After it is released, we will start work on an expert mode for this pack.

These new 1.10 packs are a bit more memory intensive than our 1.7 ones. We recommend using at least 4 GB to run them. You can do this in the options screen of the FTB launcher and under settings, Minecraft in the Curse app.

Curse News

The plan for moving to the Curse app is unchanged. Curse is working on a few remaining features. Until they are done, the current FTB launcher will remain as normal.

Curse is still looking into bringing the app to linux, but...

Principles in Design of FTB Modpacks


This article is designed to give an overview of how FTB designs Minecraft mod packs. This will cover everything from planning to mod selection onto config changes through to beta testing and release.


We are often asked what our goals are with FTB Modpacks, what is it that makes us choose one mod over another. Why was X mod included and Y mod excluded. From day 1 of FTB we have always strived to stay as neutral as possible when it comes to what mods we choose. Our primary goals are to respect the wishes of mod developers irrespective of any licences that may be attached to a mod (In other words if a mod developer wishes us not to use a mod, even though the license says that legally we can. Then where possible we will respect those wishes.) Equally we also strive to do our best to respect the wishes of Mojang and continually work to ensure we stay within the Minecraft EULA. Whilst this has not always been possible, it is something we work hard to try and achieve.

Following on from that we work hard to provide our users the best possible experience we can within the limitations of both the game and any mods that we may use. From almost the beginning, FTB modpacks were played by an extremely wide player base of all ages. When designing our modpacks we do our best to ensure that our packs are accessible to as wide a base as possible. With packs like Infinity, our goal is to try to balance our packs around our mod choices and whilst we do make a small amount of changes to the mods in the packs, we aim to both keep the vanilla side of Minecraft as close as possible to the original experience we also try to keep the Modded side as close to the original author's vision as we can. We want our players to be able to go to the various wikis and websites and for the most part be able to get accurate information about the mods they are playing.

With the...
As I am sure most people will have now seen, it was announced today that FTB partner Curse has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Twitch.TV. The FTB team is excited about the new possibilities that this will provide to our community. With regards to how this news will affect our partnership, for the near future everything will remain the same. Our plan is to sit down and talk to the appropriate people soon to talk about the partnership moving forwards. As soon as we have more news with regards to this we will release it....