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Modpack News

We have released a new map for our SMP retro 1.2.5 pack. Due to it being an extremely old pack, it is only available on the legacy launcher.


A new, 1.12 version of our Horizons modpack is in development. Like in it's previous iterations, this pack is designed to showcase mods that aren't commonly found in FTB modpacks. We're hoping for a release sometime this month.

We have also officially started development on our as yet unnamed expert mode pack for 1.12. We're planning to start testing shortly after Horizons releases.


Java 9 has released and is not yet compatible with Minecraft Forge. If you are using the twitch app, it will automatically keep using the correct version of Java, but if you are using the legacy launcher, do not update to Java 9.


[Edit by Quetzi: Clarified that it is Forge that isn't compatible with Java 9]
Modpack News


In conjunction with aaronhowser1, we're proud to announce that we have added HQM quests to the expert modes of Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock. More than two hundred quests guide you through the intracacies of expert mode from chopping your first tree to crafting the end game creative items.


Aaronhowser1 has issue trackers for any bugs relating to the quests. Infinity Evolved and Infinity Evolved Skyblock.

In 1.12 news, we're continuing to update FTB Unstable. A new flagship pack, and eventually expert mode, is getting closer, but we're not there yet.

The legacy launcher crash bug on mac for 1.12 packs has been fixed.

Modpack News

With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we have yet again released a version of our unstable pack. This pack showcases new mods on the new Minecraft version as well as provides mod authors a platform to get a large amount of playtime for new, untested code.

Unstable is mostly just a tossed together collection of mods, but our lead modpack dev tfox83 has put together a list of the config changes he's added to the pack.

As outlined here, Forge is implementing a new set of best practices regarding core mods.

On a basic level, normal mod adds new content into the game, whether this be a machine, or a new type of ore or block. It does this without interfering with the actual core minecraft files. These mods interact with the Minecraft game through Forge. So Forge will add new features into the base Minecraft API that mods then take advantage of. An example of this might be the ore dictionary which lets all the different versions of copper work as substitutes for each other. Or the Capability system which changes the way modders can interact with blocks that have inventories or other special features (like furnaces etc).

When mods want to modify Minecraft code in new ways that Forge does not accommodate and in a way that would only be useful in a select set of cases, they might write a core mod. This will then directly modify the Minecraft code, adding the functionality that the mod requires.

The best practices that the Forge team are implementing are designed to ensure that core mods are only used when they are essential and where appropriate, functionality added by a core mod is instead added directly into Forge itself. For those cases where a core mod is still appropriate then the aim is to ensure that the core mod only includes what is needed, and everything else is pushed into a separate normal mod or library.

The second purpose of the best practices is to help ensure the authenticity of core mods by encouraging mod authors to sign their mods. This essentially allows your computer to check that you are running an unmodified versions from a source you trust. This must be stressed that this is NOT a security measure over the content of the mod. As any mod has the ability to do anything it wants on your computer. You should still only download mods from people you trust....
Modpack News

With the release of Minecraft 1.12, we are moving our main development effort over to the new version. We will be releasing both a new flagship pack and a seperate expert pack. As usual, we can't commit to a timeline, but it's going to be at least a few weeks before enough mods update for us to start development.

In the meantime, we'll be putting together the latest iteration of our Unstable pack for 1.12. Unstable is a pack we bring back with each new version of Minecraft to showcase up and coming mods as well as help mod authors find bugs in their new code.

Map News

We recently opened up recruitment for new people to work alongside Slowpoke in creating new maps built with new and existing FTB mod packs. As part of this, we set a challenge for applicants to recreate one of the very first FTB mod packs, updating it to be used with the mod pack that we used for the 1.2.5 pyramid map. The resulting build was so good that we decided to release it to the public.

In order to facilitate this, we have created a new 1.2.5 mod that will allow you to select which map you want to play. So in the next week or so, we will be releasing an update to the pyramid mod pack. This update leaves the gameplay unchanged, it will include the new map and add new options to the world creation menu to allow you to select which map you wish to play. The new map follows similar gameplay design as the pyramid map, however is designed to be played by anywhere up to 4 players (teams). Once on the map you can select the number of players taking part and the map will adjust automatically.

Work is almost complete on a new FTB map designed to work on more up to date packs. This map is also designed to work with up to 4 players/teams and is the second project that the new map team has worked on alongside some outside help from some of our friends. Whilst there is no current eta for this map, we hope to release it sometime during July....
Modpack News

As mentioned in our town hall, we're working on an expert mode pack, the spiritual successor to Infinity Expert. It will be for Minecraft 1.11. We're still in the early stages, but we're hoping for a July/August release.

Map News

We recently opened applications for people interested in developing and building maps to join the FTB map building team. Interest was extremely high and we have taken on a group of talented builders to help develop future maps.

As part of the process we had the team develop an updated version of the 1.2.3 multiplayer map (as played by Direwolf20 and Nearbygamer in March 2012). The team developed a new 4 player map using the 1.2.5 insanity pack as a base. After a few small revisions we have decided to release this new map to the public. Whilst we have done our best to remove as many flaws as we can, a few small ones will likely remain and given the age of the pack, bug fixes and support will be minimal. The pack will release sometime this coming week.

Development of an updated version of the pyramid map on Minecraft 1.10 has started and will be followed by a second speed run challenge map. We expect to see these maps out sometime in June/July. Both of these will be built around a custom pack designed with map building in mind. You can follow along with the building of these maps on the official FTB twitch channel where parts of the build will be livestreamed.

Wiki Team

The wiki team is looking for editors. Head over there and get started!

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This month's...
Modpack News

Our first full challenge map in 5 years, this pack is based on skyfactory 3, with a prebuilt map and a set of timed challenges. Complete the map by yourself, or in a team of 2, 3 or 4 people, upload a video of your run to YouTube or Twitch and then submit the time with the in game form.

You can find a leaderboard of all the verified times here.


We are looking for people to help verify the videos of people's runs. Sign up here if you are interested.

FTB Beyond

We released our major modpack for Minecraft 1.10 earlier this month. You can find more details about it in our earlier post here. Get it on the Twitch app and the FTB launcher now.

Team Applications

In addition to the challenge pack verifiers mentioned above, we have another opportunity.

Fill out this form if you have experience building maps or modpacks and want to help out on future challenge packs.

If you are a youtuber or streamer and are interested in recording or streaming an episode from the challenge map server...
FTB is currently looking for volunteers to fill several positions that are now available.

The first is for the new Challenge maps. We are looking for people for the verifier position. This will involve watching submitted timed runs of challenge maps to ensure no exploits have been used. If you're interested in this position please fill out the following form.


The second position is for map and pack builders to help with future challenge maps. If you have experience in building maps or modpacks and are interested in joining, please fill out the following.


Finally if you are a youtuber or streamer that is interested in recording an episode or streaming live from the Challenge map server along side the map developers, please fill out the following form.


Finally in the coming week we will be opening up applications for FTB Beta testing upcoming packs. Applications for this will start in the next week or so.
A few days ago, Slowpoke and TFox from the FTB Team hosted a Townhall meeting over at Twitch, discussing upcoming changes to the FTB Beyond pack as well as Expert Mode. During that meeting they also answered some questions made by the community. You can find more details of all of this meeting at the bottom of this post.

About FTB and Vazkii in general

We've talked with Vazkii a lot about his mods, yet this comes back again and again. To make it clear: we do not have any problem with Vazkii's mods whatsoever. We actually think them to be excellent. But just because we think either a mod or a mod developer is excellent, doesn't necesarily mean we think it's fit for one pack or another.

About Beyond, community feedback and its next update
The whole team got together this afternoon prior to this stream and, based on all the feedback we've been getting regarding the pack, we're going to be making some changes [Update: these changes have been implemented in version 1.2.0]

Let's talk about this one first, since it's the easiest one to go over. We're gonna revert the recipe changes, back to the mod's original one, and that will remain like that on normal mode. This change will go live on the next public beta (1.2.0), which should release around friday. To be clear, it's not that we think anything has changed, but the argument of ComputerCraft being available like that but not Psi is completely valid (More detail on that down below). That's why we're reverting this completely.

Here we're also reverting some, but not all, of our changes. Now, tfox has noted that out of the available config changes that Quarks offers in its config, we'd disabled about 30% of that mod as it stands up until now. We're gonna go through all of those changes individually, and we'll explain our reasoning for why we made that decision at the time, and what are we going to do about it moving forward:

  • ...
The FTB Modpack development team will be hosting a Townhall style meeting tomorrow night (15 March 2017).

The townhall will be hosted live at https://www.twitch.tv/officialfeedthebeast starting at 7:30pm GMT (3:30pm EST)

During this townhall we will be focusing on FTB Beyond, where we will be discussing areas of game balance recipe changes and overall design. We will also be talking about the upcoming Expert mode on which work has started.

If you have a question related to FTB Beyond, please add it into this thread.