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Currently Slowpoke is unable to login to the forums while he takes care of some computer issues and fixes a security breach on his home computer.

He will more than likely be doing his next post as soon as he can get back.

None of the FTB packs have changed from the last update.

Of the current packs TechWorld 2 is closest to going to Stable.

The current news:

As of the newest launcher update (1.3.4) texture pack installation is under testing.

My mixpack and SoartexFanver are the only current 1.6 texture packs up during the test phase.

Within the next 24hours there should be a version of one or both packs up for installation for each of the Official FTB packs. Assuming we get the installation process working for all packs we'll start getting more texturepacks on the launcher.

Right now (17:40CST) DW20 and Horizons are not loading due to a minor naming issue that I am fixing. So they "should" work soon.

In other news http://www.tweaktown.com/news/35032/north-korea-confirms-it-has-landed-a-man-on-the-sun/index.html

In a few hours I'll be uploading Monster 1.0.7 due to about 5 configs being rolled backwards for some odd reason. Non of the mods themselves from 1.0.6 have changed at all, except one.

I am temporarily putting Open Blocks in as .disabled until we can figure out a fix for the issue with the Graves bug as this bug is quite critical. Though I have turned graves off in the configs, they are still spawning at player death, and players are unable to get there inventory back. Turning them on in the configs still does not fix the loss of inventory issue.


Issue resolved. big thanks to @meuqsaco for reminding me that OpenBlocks supports ID=0.
Changelogs will be available at the usual place once @VikeStep gets to them.
It is that time of week again

FTB and Curse. Pretty much all the news of this can be found elsewhere at this stage. I will release more information as soon as we have it.

Mod packs. As a reminder, the following definitions apply.

Stable - Recommended versions of these modpacks are considered stable and you should be able to start a new world without fear of a need to restart it. Bugs may still crop up, but generally speaking these packs should be good.

Beta-Stable - These are packs going through final testing before declaring them stable

Beta - These packs are still in a testing phase but on the launcher for mainstream use, we may occasionally need to pull or change a mod to protect the integrity of the pack, however we will make all efforts to minimise this.

FTB Lite.

Magic World 2
Tech Tech World 2
(there should be small updates for all of these this week.)

Beta Pack
(still waiting on Extra Bees)

(we are hopeful this can go Beta-stable next week)

FTB Launcher.
Still working behind the scenes on the current launcher.

Other than that, there isnt much to report this week.
Added for clarity: When we talk about a curse client in this post. The Curse client is an installer and not a launcher. The principle difference being that Curse will never ask you for your username or password and will instead pass you through to the Vanilla Launcher once and modpacks, texture packs or maps have been installed.

This is a short post that is being made in order to announce that an agreement has been reached to form a partnership between Minecraft Forge, FTB and Curse. The main focus of this deal will be for members of all teams to come together to continue to develop CurseForge into a platform designed to become the number one place for the distribution of mods. It will also be the goal to develop and release a completely new installer under the Curse name that will tap into CurseForge.

Whilst this partnership will involve several major changes to both Forge and FTB, it should be noted that the ownership of Forge and FTB will remain in their current hands. Having said that, there are several changes that affect both communities that we wish to make in order to help facilitate the main goals of our objective.

The details of these changes are summarised below.

LexManos and I will be joining Curse in advisory roles, working mainly on the design of both CurseForge and the new Curse Client.

With regards to FTB, our plan is at some point in the future to halt development of the current FTB installer and shift our modpacks onto the new Curse Client. The stated timeline for this is tentatively set at 6 months, however this is not fixed and the reality is that we will make this shift once the functionality of the Curse Client matches the FTB installer in terms of support for FTB packs, Third Party packs and support for both maps and texture packs.

The shifting of the FTB forums onto a Curse site, at this stage it is looking likely that you will access the FTB forums directly from MinecraftForum.net. The idea is not (as some people seem...
Here we go with the 3rd issue of the FTB weekly news. There isnt a massive amount of news this week however there are a few updates that we have for you.

First lets take a look at modpacks. For reference, the following definitions apply.

Stable - Recommended versions of these modpacks are considered stable and you should be able to start a new world without fear of a need to restart it. Bugs may still crop up, but generally speaking these packs should be good.

Beta-Stable - These are packs going through final testing before declaring them stable

Beta - These packs are still in a testing phase but on the launcher for mainstream use, we may occasionally need to pull or change a mod to protect the integrity of the pack, however we will make all efforts to minimise this.

Please also check the following thread for known issues. http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/threads/important-update-news-read-before-updating-any-pack.36499/

Stable Packs
FTB Lite

Magic World 2
Tech World 2

Beta Packs
Direwolf20 - Waiting on Extra Bee's, also several known issues still to be resolved before we can make this stable.
(As I was writing this, we actually had an issue with this pack lol. So, so people know, we are pushing an emergency update to 1.0.11 which go up today. MFFS added a dependency for the Calclavia Core mod. This core mod had a load of world gen turned on by default that we were unaware of. This would add new ores into any new chucks that were generated with this version of the pack installed. 1.0.11 changes the config to turn this off.)

Fixes for a couple of mods are due in the next few days, once these are tested we hope to make monster stable.

FTB Launcher
Work has resumed after the Christmas break, a planned update to the current launcher is in testing to fix an issue with disabled mods being overwritten.

FTB Map - Work has finally started on a new version of the FTB map. I hope to have this released in the...
With the release of these two updates, I highly recommend a world reset. There have been substantial changes to some of world generation for both packs as well as changes to BoP if you use that generation on its own, or with ATG. Continuing a world with either update is at your own risk.

That aside, I have been profiling the packs to find ways around the lag. As always, the link to my JVM arguments can be found in my signature. The start of the new year also starts some major revisions to these profiling against Monster. Do note, not everyone will get the same results from them, and some people may not receive any benefit (based on your computer specs.)

Horizons 1.0.8 and Monster 1.0.2 will NOT be moved to recommended. The versions being put on the launcher now, will be pushed to recommended on Thursday barring nothing unfortunate. If nothing else major shows its face, both packs should be pushed to stable (versions 1.1.x) within the next week or two.

Change Logs can be viewed here as always.
Hello there, we hope that you are all having or have had a good holiday and a happy new year to you all for Tuesday! Slowpoke is not currently around so it looks like you’ve got me this week, hopefully that's not too much of a disappointment for you!

Firstly in an effort to improve our service to you we have created a questionnaire http://www.feed-the-beast.com/satisfaction-questionnaire (NOW CLOSED) We hope that the results will highlight areas for us to improve our service to you, please take the time to think about your answers to give us the best data possible. As well as this questionnaire we will also be holding focus groups where we invite a small number of community members to come and speak to us about how we could improve.

The server side for the launcher is still continuing, we are currently working on the method of metadata storage on the repo. After this is complete we will be able to continue with development of the client side launcher.

We are aware of several issues in the beta modpacks (Monster, Horizons and Direwolf20) and are working to improve them. You may have noticed that there have been several updates added to the development branch on the launcher, these will be updated to recommended builds shortly pending review.

Many of our team have been enjoying the holidays over the past couple of weeks so things have been moving at a fairly sedate pace, I would expect the pace of things to increase as we move into the new year so you can expect some more modpack updates and activity then.

Once again we hope that you have all had a good holiday and we wish you a happy new year!

EDIT: I forgot to put in the reminder that unleashed will not be updating to 1.6, this is because of changes made in the API that the mods use meaning that it is not possible for modpacks made on 1.5 to be directly updated to 1.6....
FTB News


For a while now there have been concerns expressed about a lack of communication from myself to you on the forums. This post is going to be an attempt to try and remedy this situation. From this point on, I am going to attempt to put out a post every weekend with updates on different areas of FTB. Even if that update is “No new news”. The idea is to break us down into various areas and then we can see what sort of information we can come up with. If there are any areas missing that you would like me to add, make the suggestion and I can take a look at them.

For now though, I think the main areas will be

FTB Launcher
FTB Modpacks
FTB Website
FTB Store
Other News

Now lets take a crack at this.

FTB Launcher

Development on the new launcher has ceased most probably until the new year. Work has started on a web interface and the new mods backend that will hook into the new launcher. Once this is complete we can get back to developing the updated launcher. Meanwhile a series of hotfixes have gone out to help resolve problems that some people seem to have with the 1.6.4 packs on the original launcher.

FTB Modpacks

We have several modpacks out for public testing, although none of these are technically considered stable yet, they are functioning and we are pushing updates as fast as we can to them. However most packs will soon switch back to the standard format of release on a Monday after a period of testing.

Our upcoming flagship pack is still in internal testing although I expect it to be added as a private pack for mainstream testing any day now.

FTB Website

Work has started behind the scenes on the server side programming for the launcher. We are also taking a look at revamping the Tech Support area and we are hoping to introduce new software to make the process much more user friendly in the new year.


BigBadChris has completed a new set of artwork for the new packs. You can see a preview of the new artwork...
In any modpack that either has Railcraft or you have added Railcraft to :

Railcraft's invisible tracking block was removed because of a bug. It is a bug in Vanilla Minecraft that will be partially fixed when Forge is updated. The safest option is to keep Railcraft hidden blocks off as it is the only mod that uses this flawed Vanilla code without player interaction.

Edited to Add : We have reports that Thaumcraft Arcane Lamps and Factorization Wrath Lamps may also cause this issue. Try not to use them unless you have updated to TE3 11b.
Change Logs for all packs available here

After a long delay, modpacks for 1.6.4 have finally started to appear on the FTB launcher. Over the last couple of days you will have noticed the addition of the Horizons Modpack, which is a new pack designed to showcase a whole new series of mods. At the time of writing the updated version of the modpack designed to accompany the Direwolf20 Youtube series is showing up on the launcher although the servers are getting hit hard as we expected so please be patient. We are trying to get extra servers up to cope with the demand at the moment.

Over the coming days we will be adding further packs, bringing back new versions of old favorites Magic World 2 and Tech World 2. An all new version of FTB lite is coming, which is designed to bring the modded experience for lower spec computers. (Our goal is to have these work ok on 32bit machines). Moving beyond that we have several other packs in the works including of course an all new feature pack to replace Unleashed. The pack list for this is pretty much sorted and internal testing will begin shortly (We imagine that we will need about 2 weeks of testing for this pack, but hope to have it out for Christmas)

For server admins, you will notice that our packs now all include Opis which is a tool designed to help you profile your servers. This is now going to be a standard inclusion in FTB packs and we intent to extend our support of server profiling in the future. There is plenty more news to come over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Forums, the Twitter (@FTB_Team) and the FTB Reddit (www.reddit/r/feedthebeast.com) for the latest information.

Also a lot of these packs are being tested live by various streamers, so if you want to stay in touch, check out the following people on twitch.tv

These are the streamers on the FTB...