Detailed Changelog for Lite 1.2, Tech 1.2, Direwolf20 5.2, MindCrack 8.2 and Magic World 7.2

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    Advanced Solar Panels by SeNtiMel: 3.3.2 - 3.3.3 (Tech & MindCrack)
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    • Rebalanced recipe of Advanced Solar Panel (now it's more difficult)
    • Fixed bug with RP frames (ASP not work at changed frames)

    Chicken Chunks by ChickenBones: - 1.3.1 (All Packs)
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    • Added option to only leave loaders active if the player has logged in recently
    • Added option to disable chunk cleanup if cleanupTicks is 0
    • Added
    • Centered chunk viewer on player
    • Both players and chunkloaders are now shown in the chunkviewer tooltip
    • Fixed crashes with chunk viewer
    • Fixed frame support
    • Fixed placing chunkloaders bigger than maxchunks
    • Fixed dormant loader reviving
    • Fixed derpy collision boxes
    • Fixed render clipping of the lasers
    • Fixed crash when opening the gui to quickly

    Code Chicken Core by ChickenBones: 0.7.1 - 0.7.3 (All Packs)
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    Updated for Forge

    CoFH Core by Team CoFH: 1.4.7 - (All Packs)
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    Bug Fixes

    Compact Solars by cpw: - (All Packs Except Tech & MindCrack)
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    • Solar Hats! All 3 kinds (Iron, Gold & Diamond)
    • Fix solar hat taking damage (They are not armour)
    • Fix for API tweak in Forge
    • Fix

    Ender Storage by ChickenBones: - (All Packs Except Tech & Lite)
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    • Added
    • Ender Tanks
    • Added an Enderstorage API for custom storage
    • Improved recolouring recipe
    • Enderpouches now require shift clicking
    • Fixed dupe bug with recolouring recipe
    • fixed tank button orientation
    • Fixed server crash
    • Fixed endertank recipe
    • Fixed items disappearing from Ender Chests
    • Fix buggy selection
    • EnderChests/Tanks will only return the diamond when shift clicking the lock/valve

    Extrabees by Binnie: - (Direwolf20 & MindCrack)
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    • 20 new bee species to breed
    • Added page to database to track your bee breeding stats
    • Change Changed production rates of various bees and combs
    • Hackish Fix for Indexer
    • Fixed crashes with alveary blocks
    • Fixed mutation crash
    • Fixed ID config for frames, each frame now has a seperate entry
    • Flowering now shows up in the database
    • Added missing flowering serums
    • Fixed Typo in BC gate trigger
    • Fixed a duping bug with the indexer

    ExtrabiomesXL by MisterFiber: 3.9 - 3.10 (All Except Lite)
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    • Merged marsh gen fix

    Forestry by Sengir: - (All Packs)
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    • Alternate carpenter recipe for letters using six wood pulp.
    • Alternate carpenter recipe for stamps which omits the honey drops, but requires seed oil.
    • Ops can now "virtualize" trade stations with the '/mail virtualize <tradestation-name>' command. A virtual trade station does not require resources.
    • Genetic saplings as "treeSapling" to ore dictionary. Can now be crafted into IC2 plantballs.
    • Reduced fertilizer consumption on peat farms 10 -> 5.
    • Made more trees support more fruit families.
    • Increased output rate of farm hatches slightly.
    • Added bituminous peat as a vanilla fuel source.
    • Fixed two potential NPEs on farms.
    • Fixed a potential crash when opening letter gui.
    • Fixed habitat locator not working.
    • Backpacks now force close the gui if they are dropped for any reason at all. Unified handling for all items with an inventory.
    • Different types of circuit boards should not accidently stack anymore.
    • Fixed genetic saplings not being recognized as valid vanilla fuel.

    Forge by LexManos: - (All Packs)
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    Unknown Changes, Please PM me if you have information

    GraviSuite by SeNtiMel: 1.6 - 1.7 (All Except Lite & Magic World)
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    • Advanced Jetpack
      • Can store 1 million EU
      • Can charge at MFE or MFSU
      • overlocked engine - max height now limit to 256 ! (energy consumption 50% more than standart Electric Jetpack)
      • supplies with energy your electrotool (as drill, saw, laser and etc..)
      • can enable and disable jetpack engine for your convenience ("Fly" key)
      • boost mode (energy consumption x5 more)
      • advanced visual indication of charge state and work mode (you can change work mode by shift "Space bar" and press "Mode key" )
    • GraviTool
      • energy storage 100 000 eu.
      • universal tool, it's include 3 removable snap (wrench, hoe, treetap)
      • wrench work only at lossless mode !
      • you can change work mode by shift "right mouse button" and press "Mode key"
      • rebalanced standart electric hoe and treetap algorithm (now it's not dry energy if can't make operation)
    • "accurate mode" to Vajra (you can use by press "right mouse click")
    • New cool icons (advanced drill, chainsaw, vajra)
    • Added sounds to Advanced jetpack and GraviTool
    Thanks to Geometry for finding these changes!

    Gravity Gun by iChun: 1.4.7v1 - 1.4.7v2 (Direwolf20 & Tech)
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    • Fixed block grabbing whitelist not working.
    • Fixed TileEntities that extend IInventory not dropping its contents when block entities fail to be placed.
    • Fixed being struck by lightning not upgrading the uncharged gravity gun.
    • Allowed blocks which uses the chest render type (22) to be grabbed.
    • Block entities which fall too far into the void will be killed.
    • Block entities now respect block placement rules.

    GregTech by GregoriousT: 2.78f - 2.81a (Tech & MindCrack)
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    • Added the Inventory Manager.
    • Added Conveyor module as a Crafting Component for several Automation Devices.
    • Item Type Sorter. Capable of sorting up to 12 (Leave Blocks are bugged) item Types, just by OreDict-Names.
    • Alloy Smelter. You can use it to quickly get Bronze/Brass/Invar without having to macerate the Ingots.
    • Automatic Canning Machine. It can can Food and it fills Cells.
    • Wiremill. A Device, which increases the Cable Output per Ingot by 33-50%. It needs an undamaged Drawplate of Redpower to be crafted, as I dont wanna ruin the RP-Tech-Tree requirement of Diamond Block + Handsaw.
    • 5 old new Machines: Automatic Macerator, Automatic Extractor, Automatic Compressor, Automatic Recycler and Automatic E-Furnace. They are all crafted by adding a Conveyor Module to the original Machine.
    • Added Digital Chests
    • Added Digital Chest Interface for better access to its Inventory Data. (That is for Modders!)
    • Added Shift-Left-Click to Digital and Quantum Chests.
    • Added GUI to the Pump. Yes, it is planned to fill Cells like a regular Tank.
    • Added Advanced Pump, works like an IC²-Miner, but more pumpy (and no Drills to break Blocks!). As it has no GUI now (NOW), you have to input the Mining Pipes into the Top.
    • Due to the Automatic Canning Machine Cell filling ability I removed all Recipes, which craft a Cell of X out of empty Cell + Ingredient Y.
    • Made Digital Chests and Quantum Chests only wrenchable by their respective Owner.
    • Changed Quantum Chests (Meta 3) to Quantum Chests (Meta 49). For converting old Itemstored ones, just place the old ones in the World and they will update.
    • Changed Thorium multicell Recipes to use Copper INGOTS instead of dense Plates.
    • Made Translocators, Buffers, Filters, Scrapboxinators and similar MUCH faster, if they really have work to do, meaning that they now check every 10 seconds for Items to transfer, and then rush for AT LEAST 1.5 Seconds by scanning once every Tick, if they transfered an Item.
    • Made it possble for some (Inventory Manager) of my Machines to emit multiple Packets per Tick
    • Added compatibility with every Bonemealable Flower to get more Dye inside an Extractor.
    • Improved performance of the two electric Buffers massively.
    • Streamlined the Redstone recipe of the Centrifuge a bit.
    • Fixed Wildcard Damagevalue in Recipes not being accepted when Debug Mode is not enabled. Yes, I used that -1 Damagevalue for the Food Recipes.
    • Fixed some minor Bugs.
    • Fixed a minor Bug regarding Owner assignment (of non-protected Machines)
    • Fixed Bronze Hoes not being reversible in Macerator/Furnace
    • Removed old Quantum Chest GUI Code and forgot to remove its GUI-png-File...
    • Fixed the QChest Recipe.
    • Found the Bug with the Flower scanning
    • Made GUIs Serverside only. That probably fixed also the Block-Clicking causing pseudoblock placement
    • Added compatibility with every grassdropped Seed to get SeedOil from it.
    • Added SeedOil-Industrial-Centrifuge Recipes if Forestry is NOT loaded, as SeedOil can be used inside the Semifluid Generator.
    • Fixed a minor Bug with the Autocrafting Table not rejecting Items in the Container Inventory when in one of the special Modes (so any mode which is not the regular Crafting Mode)
    • Fixed the wrongly placed Slots inside the Inventory Manager (tons of Code were just copypasted)
    • Fixed Electric Regulator, as it behaved as bad as the Redpower Regulator...
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    Industrialcraft by Alblaka: 2_1.115.218-lf - 2_1.115.231-lf (All Except Magic World)
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    • Pass wrench shiftclicks to the blocks
    • Transition loot to the dungeon move
    • Disable re-canning food in the canner
    • Disable anvil repair for most stuff
    • fix nei submodule build
    • use ChunkCache when calculating explosions
    • Small Railcraft API mapping fix
    • Mapping update for submodules
    • Fixed double potion removal
    • Alpha channel issues with silver dust be gone
    • fix treetap npe with rubber tree gen disabled
    • Fixed quantum helmet potion removal cost

    Miscperipherals by RichardG: 3.1 - 3.1b (All Except Magic World)
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    • Fixed GregTech related issues due to null uranium for some reason
    • Fixed the teleporter issues - if it still returns false, try getError
    • Fixed Gate Reader Error
    • Fixed IC2 console spam

    Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse: 0.2.0-42 - 0.3.0-178 (Direwolf20 Only)
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    • Active camouflage module
    • Added night vision module
    • Added flight control module.
    • Added more ic2 battery recipes
    • added bindable control interface
    • added thermex hooks
    • Added modeswitch bar offset for armor
    • added z to go down info to flight control module
    • Added CitizenJoe's armor models as a free cosmetic module
    • Added Solar Generator Module
    • Added Multimeter Module
    • added portable crafting table module
    • Changed amplifier to 81
    • Lowered aerial movement factor on sprint & jump assist. No more light-speed skiing
    • Swapped amperage and voltage on plasma cannon, fixed exp drops
    • Made config file more robust
    • Added auto-gen config files for modules and module number values
    • centralized tool texture
    • Repackaged resources
    • more repackaging, changed default joule ratio to be BC joules
    • Added walking speed bonus to sprint assist
    • changed sprint/walk boost energy consumption
    • changed handling of potion effects
    • Changed energy and control calculations on Flight Control module
    • changed thaumgoggles to 'special'
    • items now remove enchantments placed with anvil
    • added field emitters to IC2 recipe
    • Tripled max reduction
    • Added minimum size to plasma bolts
    • Removed mode-switcher
    • swapped iridium plates for tungsteel ingots in field emitters for gregtech users
    • Added tooltip for food level
    • Renamed Eater to Feeder
    • Tweaked solar module
    • Made auto-feeder energy consumption configurable
    • Added saturation handling capabilities to the Auto-Feeder
    • assigned portable crafting table as a right-click mode
    • fix for double item consumption on single player
    • More refactoring + fixed blink drive bolt renderer
    • re-enabled blink drive module
    • Fixed possible crash from invalid/outdated keybind config
    • fix for feeder module activating with no food
    • fix for server-side sprint assist energy consumption
    • Fix for z affecting player even in gui with flight control
    • fix for icons breaking with solar panel addon
    • quickfix for fall damage issue
    • fixes Tinker Table rendering in Item Frames
    • quick fix for player sharing controls issue
    • fix for potions
    • fixed sky turning dark
    • fixed a nullpointer case when getting items from ic2 api
    • Fix skybox lighting issue
    • fix for keybind buttons not moving
    • fix step height
    • fixed inventory render issue
    • Fixed night vision power consumption

    NEI RedPower Plugin by ChickenBones: 1.4.3 - (All Except Magic World)
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    Unknown Changes, Please PM me if you have information

    Not Enough Items by ChickenBones: - (All Packs)
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    • Added F9 chunk boundary viewer
    • Added ability to show Mob Spawns with F7
    • Added file
    • Make mod crash more informative
    • Fixed scrolling crash with recipes
    • Fixed world options reverting when cleared
    • Fix crash world names with invalid characters ':'

    OmniTools by TeamCoFH: 3.0.2 - 3.0.4 (All Packs)
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    Bug Fixes

    PortalGun by iChun: 1.4.7v3 - 1.4.7v5 (All Except Magic World)
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    • Increased raytrace of moon portal shooting to 500 blocks to decrease chance of “accidents”
    • Added command option to clear moon portals onto existing clearPortals command.
    • Added option to disallow command executers to be grabbed with the portal gun.
    • Moon Portals no longer pull entities if it is out of view (behind a block) and is unable to pull blocks.
    • Turret AI overhaul, more focused on work done by the server to be told to the client rather than both having their own separate outcomes.
    • Oracle Turrets no longer have lasers.
    • Additional turret config options such as ignore owners, ignore invisible entities.
    • Tweaked Turret Item.
    • Turrets can now be dispensed out of dispensers if there is a non-air block below or two blocks below the dispenser face.
    • Turrets not longer drop items if killed by a creative player.
    • Changed bullet entity texture to look like streaks of light, more noticable than previous bullet texture.
    • Fixed crashing issue with packet payload too large (due to too many players)
    • Fixed turrets targeting players who placed them although set not to. Turrets will have to be replaced.
    • Fixed turretMode 3 not targeting hostile mobs.
    • Fixed “floating portal” bug when portals are placed on floating sand.
    • Fixed issue with backing up mod dat files.
    • Fixed block grabbing whitelist not working.
    • Fixed TileEntities that extend IInventory not dropping its contents when block entities fail to be placed.
    • Fixed null bug in bullet entity.
    • Fixed bullet entity going through blocks portals are on if freshly fired.
    • Fixed accidental use of “getBlock” for recipe booleans.
    • Fixed recipe for PortalGun and LFB not being added on dedicated servers.
    • Fixed render of some items in creative survival inventory.
    • Fixed crash due to users setting a negative range on moon portals (If you don’t want it to suck, put 0. Geez.)
    • Allowed blocks which uses the chest render type (22) to be grabbed.
    • Removed opening of Portal Spawner GUI when placed due to the item previously saving its configuration.
    • Block entities which fall too far into the void will be killed.
    • Block entities now respect block placement rules.
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    Railcraft by CovertJaguar: 6.15.3 - 6.17.0 (All Packs)
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    • Added Steam Oven, a 2x2x2 Multi-block structure that uses Steam to smelt items.
    • Added helpful tooltips to all Multi-block items.
    • Added Signal Capacitor Box, when placed next to a Signal Receiver Box, it will emit redstone for a specified duration from the time the Receiver Box starts emitting.
    • Added Dual-Head Distant Signal. This Signal possesses two receivers and can be paired to two controllers.
    • Added custom Repair Recipe for Turbine Rotors, combine the Rotor with any number of Blades in a crafting grid to repair the Rotor by 2500 per blade (max damage is 30k).
    • Steel Tools and Armor can now be recycled in the Blast Furnace to get most (but not all) of the materials back, regardless of damage.
    • Added Signal Circuit. All Block Signals now use this Circuit.NEW: Undercutter can now place most any block that you can put tracks on. Additionally, it can place blocks to the sides as well.
    • Added Signal Block Relay Box, this box acts like a Block Signal but has other additional features.
    • Plate recipes now output 4 plates each, instead of 3.
    • Reduced chance that the Turbine Rotor will take damange from 1/150 to 1/200.
    • Banned burning of IC2 Scrap in all RC Machines. "We don't run Boilers on rocks 'round here, nope!"
    • Painted Metal Posts can now be harvested with Silk Touch without losing their paint.
    • Buffed Blaze Rods to 800 heat.
    • Steam Locomotive water input slot limited a stackSize of 4.
    • Upgrade Signal Block code to use the new pairing API. There may be bugs. Please let me know if existing Signal Blocks fail to convert seamlessly.
    • Circuit Items got new textures and recipes and were combined under one item ID. Any existing circuits will disappear from your world.
    • Fixed an infinite loop in the Anchor Cart inventory code.
    • Signal Boxes can no longer be placed in invalid locations (floating).
    • Fixed AI pathfinding properly this time.
    • Fixed various issues with some of the alternate smelting recipes.
    • Added missing GUI trigger for Signal Block Relay Boxes and fixed derpy blinkage (again).
    • Changed Nether Brick Wall recipe so it doesn't conflict with Nether Brick Fences.
    • Switches and Wyes should be less likely to switch while a Train is traversing them.
    • Increased Locomotive damage to 50 in order to kill Endermen.
    • Added some additional safety checks to the Iron Tank renderer.
    • Fixed AI pathfinding with Posts and Gated Tracks.
    • Fixed the Rail recycling recipe to match the new Track costs.
    • Removed all the Signal Block stuff from the API, its not needed in there and needed to be rewritten anyway.
    • Some minor non-breaking additions to SignalAspect. Update at leisure.
    • Added a new function to the BlastFurnaceCrafting interface. This should be a non-breaking change, it will just log any errors and refuse to add the new recycling recipes. Update at leisure.
    • Updated UE API
    • Relay Box can act as a Signal Block Relay allowing you chain blocks together, even around corners. ie. It can be paired with two other Signals (or Relays).
    • Relay Box can also interact with adjacent Boxes, for example Controller or Capacitor Boxes, and emits redstone.
    • Added option to adjust Blast Furnace processing time if you are using Steel in place of IC2 Refined Iron.
    • Added config options for the itemID of the item used as Anchor Fuel and whether they can be automated with Pipes, etc...

    Secret Rooms by AbrarSyed: - (Magic World Only)
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    • added a tone more mod compatibility
    • the OneWay camo now works with leaves
    • FullCamo blocks no longer crashes when the block they were copying from is broken.
    • fixed compatability with IC2 Solar panels
    • fixed that crash when placing a OneWay camo...

    Steves Carts by Vswe: 2.0.0.a58 - 2.0.0.a61 (All Packs)
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    • Mechanical Pig for Charity.
    • Added the Creative Engine
    • Fixed a crash issue if a mob tried to pathfind on top of an upgrade.

    Thaumic Bees by MysteriousAges: 1.3.0d - 1.4.3a (Direwolf20, Added in MindCrack)
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    • Added automatic version-checking
    • Added Void Capsules - hold up to 8 buckets of liquid with one! It's a waterproof bag of holding! Plus stacking.
    • Added Thaumium Scoop - 30 uses, can be enchanted with Repair. Sprite is by mr_hazard!
    • Added Thaumium Grafter - 15 uses, can be enchanted with Repair.
    • Added Greatwood and Silverwood planks. Since Greatwood and Silverwood are tougher than other trees, you'll need some extra machinery. To obtain these, jam a log of the appropriate tree into a Forestry carpenter and provide a half bucket of water.
    • Added slabs for the new planks also.
    • New branch of bees containing 3 new species. A new type of frame!
    • Thaumaturge's Backpack now require Amber rather than Gold Nuggets.
    • the Bees & Magic node now requires Unified Thaumic Field Theory to unlock
    • Fixes problems with incompatible version numbers with the remote checking algorithm
    • Fixes unenchantable Thaumium Grafter.
    • Added Greatwood & Silverwood slabs to the ore dictionary so they should work as normal.
    • Fixed missing aspects on Extra Bees combs.
    • Fixed some localization problems for people not using en_US.
    • Fixed some issues with the Node bee's effect.
    • fixed crazy aspects showing up on things that shouldn't have those aspects.
    • fixed a mutation problem with non-specific node type requirements failing.

    Thermal Expansion by Team CoFH: - (All Except Tech)
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    • Now able to delete Private Frequencies from Tesseracts in all circumstances.
    • Autoejected items should now stack properly again.
    • BuildCraft gates should no longer attempt to assign Energy triggers to non-powered tiles.
    • Fixed an issue where a lone frequency entry in a Tesseract GUI would not sync properly if deleted.
    • Fixed an issue where the highlighted line in a Tesseract GUI would not sync properly if the frequency is changed
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    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy FTB Changelog Team

    Twilight Forest by BenimaticL: 1.15.1 - 1.15.4 (All Except Lite & Tech)
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    • Added entrance floor
    • Implemented a variety of tower room themes in the main towers
    • Several types of floors in the smaller towers as well
    • Actually turned the new AI functions on for the tower golem, yay
    • Added charcoal to ovens on the forge level
    • Set up some of the boss fight area
    • Added a boss placeholder
    • Added squid ink to the “junk” list for generating treasure
    • Added recipe for towerwood planks
    • Added towerwood planks to the forge ore dictionary, so they can act as planks in most other recipes
    • Added ‘timed-out’ texture to builder block
    • Added temp versions of the blocks & items I foresee needing
    • Added a configuration option to change the twilight forest world seed
    • Added tower ghasts that spawn outside the tower
    • Added undead attribute to skeleton druids
    • Added a few alternate tower wood textures
    • Added tower block builder
    • Added block builder obstacle course
    • Added un-builder blocks
    • Added redstone lamp cluster decorations
    • Added entrance towers
    • Invented a new technology which marks a certain number of the smallest towers to generate keys in their treasure
    • Added a dispenser behavior for my monster spawn eggs
    • Began adding treasure rooms to the dead-end towers
    • Added tower iron golems
    • Added tower broodling, like a stronger swarm spider
    • Added tower termites, very similar to stronghold silverfish
    • Added & implemented tower keys, which generate in the proper towers
    • Added reappearing blocks in the entrance tower doors
    • Added several new types of dark tower roof decoration
    • Added tower balconies to some towers
    • Implemented mob skull size hydra trophy
    • Added temp skins to tower monsters
    • Added a configuration option for admin-only portals
    • Hostile wolves and mistwolves are appropriately marked as enemies of the player and friendly iron golems
    • Gave tower golems more health and armor
    • Changed some internal values on the mini ghast model
    • Set tower golems to do regular type mob damage instead of iron golem mega random damage
    • Tentacles no longer poke through floor
    • Many revisions to the (renamed) carminite ghastspawn & carminite ghastguard ghasts
    • Redrew tower broodling skin (now named carminite broodling)
    • Optimized tower broodling spawning methods to spawn more
    • Changed some of the treasure tables
    • Changed anti-builder replacement blocks to be breakable like glass
    • Refactored tower ghasts to use some of the new AI I added for mini ghasts
    • Some experimental spawn rate adjustments to make up for the tower’s verticality
    • Slight change in the floor at the top of a large tower to make the fourth door more accessible
    • Slightly changed reappearing block texture to differentiate it from vanishing block better
    • Revisions to king spider texture and AI
    • Redrew tower key
    • Fixed quest ram noises & added sheep step sound
    • Made it so that tower keys return to the player’s inventory when the player dies
    • Ingredients with a container item (like bucket of milk) are marked as damaged in the uncrafting table and cannot be uncrafted
    • Changed translucent tower block material to glass so that it blocks water flowing
    • Reappearing blocks briefly shed light like vanishing blocks when activating
    • Can’t harvest anti-builder blocks
    • Increased ghastguard health
    • Revised tower borer skin, AI, drops, other things
    • While recrafting at the the uncrafting table, check to see if each enchantment can be applied to the resulting item before transferring it
    • Refactored some tree/object generation code to contain less state
    • Rewrote some sections of the feature caching/determination
    • Now storing some info in the chunk NBT data instead of trying to mark it in bedrock metadata
    • Moved dimension initialization into mod post-init phase
    • Changed some blocks, like the cicada, that only have one dropped item back to ItemBlock drops from ItemBlockTFMeta
    • Implemented new technology to give my structures multiple spawn lists
    • Turned off spawning on tower roofs
    • Turned off spawning in labyrinth treasure rooms
    • Removed torches from dead end treasure rooms
    • Changed around tower wood hardness, resistance & flammability a little
    • When tower ghasts are near a tower, they will stay near that tower
    • Changed the item skeleton druids drop to torchberries
    • Made skeleton druids also drop bones when killed
    • Switched skeleton druids AI / attacking methods to some more recent ones
    • Skeleton Druid nature bolt now potentially bonemeals grass it hits
    • Used spawner NBT tags to restrict the amount of mini ghasts spawning in the wooden beam mazes.
    • Revised floor/center ratio in the large towers
    • Made it so that the moonworm queen can be refilled after any amount of use
    • Some revisions to the monster spawn list
    • Infested towerwood now spews out termites
    • Mini ghasts now follow most normal mob spawning restrictions, instead of ghast restrictions
    • Minor refactoring to swarm spider & hedge spider spawn light level checking
    • Towers now properly generate a locked door going to the next tower
    • Tweaked tower map icon
    • Gave temp mob egg colors to tower monsters
    • Gave the tower key item a temporary icon
    • Marked inactive reappearing blocks as able to be harvested
    • Fixed anti-builder so it will replace its own replacement blocks
    • Reappearing blocks respond to redstone pulses
    • Fixed the fiery pickaxe so it can harvest obsidian.
    • Fixed tower golems so they move their arms appropriately when not attacking
    • Can now look up and down
    • Fixed a bug putting some of the wrong items in “basement” treasure boxes
    • Stopped a crash in chunk generation due to erratic biome values
    • Prevented a few crashes when the naga thinks it has more segments than the maximum
    • Fixed a bug with the feature cache when the biome IDs are above 128
    • Finally figured out why I was getting blank major features every so often and changed them to small hills
    • Fixed stray black pixel on mushgloom texture
    • Fixed connection between large tower middle section and top floors
    • Also blocked UU-Matter from being uncrafted (need to test this)
    • Fixed tree generation code to work at higher altitudes
    • Fixed dark forest tower generation to just deliver a warning if it can’t find four potential key towers instead of crashing
    • Caching/retrieval should work better
    • We now check if Thaumcraft is loaded before we attempt to register values, hopefully saving some possible errors
    • Some changes to make dimension initialization more compatible
    • Changed default provider ID to -777, where hopefully it won’t conflict with anything ever
    • We now check if the configured dimension ID is being used, and if not, we move to a backup dimension ID (-777)
    • The server now sends a packet with the dimension ID when a client is connecting. If the client has a different dimension ID set for the Twilight Forest, it is temporarily changed
    • Added some code to make a warning if a biome ID conflict is detected
    • Removed some of the biome generator bad data warning messages since I am out of ideas on how to fix the bug
    • Fixed a possible crash in the chunk provider
    • Possibly fixed a crash in the uncrafting table, with certain types of ore recipes
    • Fixed pick block on twilight forest plants
    • Fixed a problem with the skeleton druid robe model
    • Fixed skeleton druid sounds to use newer skeleton sounds
    • Fixed breaking animation on nature bolt impact from skeleton druid
    • Potentially prevented a lich crash when it takes damage from a null entity
    • Cleaned up some recipe results, fixing a bug where crafted uncrafting tables would have a metadata value of 1 instead of 0
    • Fixed tower ghasts to properly stay near their tower
    • Refactored door code a little to support multiple types of doors (vanishing, reappearing, locked)
    • Changed a few cases where I was returning null instead of an empty spawn list
    • Stopped skeletal druid projectiles from transforming things they shouldn’t
    • Added russian translation
    • Added german translation
    • Removed Tower Snowman Concept
    • Renamed some tower monsters and took off some [WIP] tags
    • Changed around mod initialization a little, moving some things from the pre-init section to the proper init section

    Wireless Redstone by ChickenBones: - (All Except Magic World)
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    Updated for new CCC
    • Added file
    • Fixed potential world leaks
  5. VikeStep

    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy FTB Changelog Team

    Xycraft by Soaryn: 0.9.44 - 0.10.18 (All Packs Except Magic World & Lite)
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    • Added 32 new lamp blocks! (All 16 colors, inventerted and normal. Only 2 block IDs)
    • Glass viewers
    • Added engineering blocks (Come in all Xychorium Colours)
    • Added 5 basic elemental machines - Xychorium Water , Planter Block, Fire Basin, Liquid Void, and Xychorium Ice
    • Added Multitanks which are 3 dimensional tanks that can store any liquid (They range from 3x3 to 12x12)
    • Added Fabricators which are automatic crafting tables that will pull from other inventories
    • Reduced output of aluminum can recipe to 4
    • Henequen seeds now squeeze into seed oil for Forestry
    • Renamed aluminum cans to Aluminum Foil
    • Added a ThermalExpansion induction smelter recipe for glass viewers
    • Lowered the spawn rate of quartz crystals
    • Retextured Xychorium Gems and Xychoridite upon popular request
    • crystals now hurt you when walking into them
    • Fixed some dupe bugs
    • Quartz crystal stacking bug fixed
    • Many other minor bugs fixed
    • Fixes NPE on startup
    • Fixes misc issues with ID conflicts.
    • Fixed aluminum can issues
    • Possible world gen crash fix
    • Fixed a massive tank bug
    • Fixed tank inventory derpination bugs with wrath lamps :)
    • Fixed Factorization barrel derps with fabricators
    • Fixed duplication bug with Magma Crucibles
    • Sped up world gen and reduced file sizes

    If you see any information that is incorrect, please PM me by clicking my avatar and selecting 'Start a Conversation'

    If you are wishing to discuss these changes, please do so by going to this post: Discussion Post

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