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Discussion in 'Jadedcat' started by Jadedcat, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. After I fixed my 1.0.3 files, I started again and thought that either quest reward or crafting recipe we need a way to get pearl oisters. Just something else I thought it might be said. :3

    Happy farming.
  2. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Magical Crops allows for a craftable end portal frame. With the most recent version, it even works well with this pack. Just make sure the ore / dust is not available from Ex Nihilo, and you have your work cut out to progress through Magical Crops.
  3. ChrisC

    ChrisC Member

    This may not help, but I know 2 by 2 trees are finiky about which sapling you bonemeal. You can use all your bonemeal on one sapling, and not have it progress the growth at all, simply because you've picked the wrong sapling to bonemeal. Could this be the issue?

    What about using nether portals to do the transporting? I know it's not instant warping, but it would cut down travel time and resources required for traveling by a lot, and it would give you an excuse to build a cool network of portals in the nether.
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  4. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    I was talking with Zero on IRC. He has a config option "Dust = Ores" for use with the smeltery so that Iron Dust = 2 ingots in the smeltery. My suggestion to him was if that config is on then just register the dusts as the appropriate oreCopper etc and it will automagically work in pulverizers, macerators etc etc etc and will multiply just like normal mined ore 1 ore = 2 ingots or 3 if you use really complicated automation. I got the impression he was thinking he might go ahead and do that. Shouldn't be too tricky adding a "if config ore = true register ore copper oreiron oreetc etc etc if false don't register" ( my code foo is weak)

    And to me only the ore dust should be able to be doubled that way.[DOUBLEPOST=1393798827][/DOUBLEPOST]Also if y'all have ideas on good reward options for the quests ... let me know. so far I have oysters, bee hives, radio, spawn eggs, extra lives
  5. Erasmus Crowley

    Erasmus Crowley Active Member FTB Mod Dev

    I had all my ore blocks registered with the ore dictionary when I first started working on them. There were a lot of problems with that. Primarily, people were turning my ore dust blocks back into normal ore with a ore dictionary item-changery thing. This lead to infinite metal exploits.

    Less importantly, I ran into a lot of issues where some machines were checking the ore dictionary for some ores but not others. For example, the macerator didn't check the ore dictionary for the vanilla ores. Thats not a huge problem, because I've learned how to use the IC2 API since then and I could just add the missing recipes by hand, but it would still take a fair amount of testing to uncover all the other gaps in the coverage for the ore-doubling mechanics.
  6. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Well alternatively I can always add it myself just for this skyblock... but I would only add the final ore dust block not the pulverized etc.[DOUBLEPOST=1393801869][/DOUBLEPOST]New skyblock version is releasing tonight, should fix the CCC java 6 issue. Also there is a new platform map. It has much better biome placement and is the final size for the platform version. I think I will ask @Morvelaira if she can recreate the house on that map since I can't seem to get MCEdit to behave and let me change the biomes. I believe I have fixed the spawn level hunger and I placed all the books in the chest for those people who die.
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  7. genesectz_db

    genesectz_db New Member

    When I type in magicfarmskyblock in the private code launcher it wont work anyone knows why?
  8. Quietgirl

    Quietgirl New Member

    Did you scroll all the way down and see if its at the bottom of the list
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  9. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    private packs show up at the bottom.
  10. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    1.0.4 should now be up. Same privatepack code. It displays its new name of "Sky Farm: An Agrarian Adventure"
  11. goreae

    goreae Jordan Groupie Phoenix Team

    Name suggestion: Inritus Fertilis. Latin for "Fertile Void".
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  12. ChrisC

    ChrisC Member

    To anyone who's planning on updating if they had an old world, backup your world, as it seems the update overwrites the save. This is likely because I didn't change the name of my save, or some other noob mistake, but be warned!
  13. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    :( ... It will be much better once I can ship the map seperate.
  14. ChrisC

    ChrisC Member

    It's the perils of playing with a private pack. But it's fine, cause I was thinking about starting over anyway. I just wanted to let people know in case they wanted to keep their old world.
  15. jphysco

    jphysco New Member

    i have the same problem but the launcher says it's an invalid private pack code.

    And i copy and pasted the code from the first post so spelling is not an issue
  16. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    It happens sometimes, usually when the server is under a heavy load. Check to make sure you haven't downloaded it previously then keep trying.
  17. jphysco

    jphysco New Member

    THX it worked finely when i tried later
  18. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Yeah sorry about that, sometimes the server just hiccups and gets temporary amnesia.

    Server: What pack.. nop nope doesn't exist
    Me: Drat it you mechanical monstrosity I know you have it hand it over
    Server: Nope I am busy can't find it
    Me: Pwetty pwease I'll let you look at naked SSD's?
    Server: Oh that pack the one that matches that code... here ya go.
  19. marcmagus

    marcmagus Active Member

    Mariculture: It looks like Rutile Ore is only available in the Nether. Are limestone or natural gas generating at all?
  20. goreae

    goreae Jordan Groupie Phoenix Team

    Any luck with them? I'm pretty sure it is that it needs another block of air space, because they want to make sure the vines don't adhere to adjacent blocks and look funky. A 6x6 area should work fine.
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