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Discussion in 'Jadedcat' started by Jadedcat, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. PurpleMentat

    PurpleMentat Well-Known Member

    If you don't like the idea of feeding your own life blood into the Altar, you just need to look into providing... alternatives. It's fun!
  2. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    check the first post. There's a link to download the map seperate.[DOUBLEPOST=1397170301][/DOUBLEPOST]
    As the person that does all the profiling for the mods... igneous extruders are less intensive on servers than large numbers of transfer node cobble gens. Generally speaking if something produces items at a really fast rate... its worse on performance.
  3. goreae

    goreae Jordan Groupie Phoenix Team

    What's awesome is I'm powering my mob grinder with my mob grinder. A reactant dynamo powered by mob essence and gunpowder can indefinitely power a single grinder. I then have the grinder route mob essence and gunpower to the reactant dynamo and everything else to barrels.
  4. KillerRamer

    KillerRamer Well-Known Member

    I suppose theirs the sacrifice of other living things. I've also herd of people using withers but i've never actually seen anyone play through blood magic.
  5. Kerazi

    Kerazi Active Member

    Should a Grind Stone from Applied Energistics be able to pulverize the Ore Dust? You can put the Ore Dust into a smeltery as well as a pulverizer? Or is that ore doubling made too easy?
  6. KillerRamer

    KillerRamer Well-Known Member

    What's even better, is when you make it even more cost positive and pull the sewers method. I'm considering a blaze farm for both mob essence, and power source.... You can pulverize the goods, you get twice the exp, you can make strength potions from blaze powder... just such a good farm to have.

    But why would you need large number's of transfer nodes for cobble? Would one transfer node producing more cobble than anyone needed be as bad as fifty extruders. (People go to scary lengths sometimes... )
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  7. mrbaggins

    mrbaggins Active Member

    Surely you need to go to the nether to breed bees?
  8. monkey

    monkey Active Member

    can a (exscuse the bad spelling) automious acctavator brake blocks ? was thinking a bout it but then after seeing how slow 1 of them right clicks the sifter me thort it woudent beable to brake blocks

    and didt think that u coud pulvrize sand in to dust didt really try tbh :p
    knew a bout the sulvlist engins got 3 of them running off coalblocks on 1 pulvarizer ...ohmost finshed the "lurning how to skyblock" quests and havent even made a neather portal yet o3o
    thx for the tips ill give it a go tomreooh
  9. mohrad

    mohrad Active Member

    @Jadedcat Are Fans of Open Blocks disabled by design of the pack or am I blind trying to find them at NEI ?
  10. try2bcool

    try2bcool Active Member

    Yup, disabled.
  11. Nazaire

    Nazaire New Member

    Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, but I had placed a skeleton trophy I'd gotten from my mob farm, and right clicked it to see what it did. It shut down the game. Aaaand deleted my save. Thought it should be known.
  12. CJoker3221

    CJoker3221 Active Member

    Question! How do I pull out any items out from the Autonomous Activator?
  13. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    It should auto-eject to any orange side.
  14. Sgat8516

    Sgat8516 New Member

    Kinda wish Autonomous activators could properly wield a Sacrificial Knife :p That was the first thing I tried with Blood magic :p
    If you're not really concerned about villager trading, just spawn those with an autospawner. 2k blood (+ runes) is more than sufficient amount to do pretty much anything BM related. Cant really use the BM tools (10k a shot, since you'd only do the nether.... lol), and the only other thing you'd really need more than a handful of villagers to operate would be the meteor ritual (which if I understand, is the only way to get nether iridium other than super low chance from laser drill? IIRC nether ore's only spawn in nether when there are valid pulverizer+macerator recipes ingame, which nether iridium doesnt have)
  15. Warplord

    Warplord Active Member

    Wohoo.. map is getting crazier every day! :D
    Any idea how to generate the insane amounts of purple dye that I will need? I've looked at most of the quests, the CRAZIEST one seems to be the purple thing. How do you do it in a reasonable amount of time ? o_O
  16. Dude. Next time, please please just do a quick search on the post. The answer as to how to get the blaze rod was already answered several times Also, many others complaining about the nether, and being told it is that way for a reason. The issue was that he is tired of seeing the same question(me too) repeated when a simple search fixes the issue.
  17. CJoker3221

    CJoker3221 Active Member

    Don't know if this is a bug but when I try upgrading my tools with Lapis Blocks, it gives only 1 luck with 9 lapis, was this changed?
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  18. PyroManiak

    PyroManiak Member

    on the first page of this thread there is a map download. transfer the contents of that file into the server world file and you should be good to go. one common problem with servers though is that the world spawn is over the void so you will have to quickly game mode yourself to fly to the main island. i also recommend putting keep inventory on.
  19. Marsupilami

    Marsupilami Well-Known Member

    FYI, there are several ways of keeping inventory built into the mods. TiCon knapsack keeps inventory on death although it is only 27 slots. You can upgrade the golden bag of holding so that when you die it stays with you with all it's contents and works for multiple bags of holding so virtually unlimited space with that. The best option is the Mariculture jewelry "Reaper" enchant that at level 1 you will simply keep your items upon death, at level 2 you might spawn where you died and at level 3 you will be resistant to damage for a short while after you respawn. There are also ways to fly with Mariculture http://mariculture.wikispaces.com/Enchantments
  20. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Don't share the secret flight with people. Jeez. :p
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