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Discussion in 'Jadedcat' started by Jadedcat, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Thaumcraft and Thaumic Tinkerer. Railcraft , Bibliocraft, Mystcraft and Applied Energistics could come out too. The removal of those won't effect the overall theme of the pack which is farming, or the difficulty level. They will also lower the memory usage.

    JDGBOLT Member

    I've also noticed that I've had a fair number of memory issues just playing around. After probably an hour of play, it will burn through about 3.7 or so gigs with just me sitting idle, in a new, superflat overworld world. The only thing I did in the world was create 2 blooms, one that I filled with sugar charcoal and iron ore, the other with coal and iron, and letting it do it's process. Also noticed that even with the game paused, it would still increase it's memory usage by about 1-2 megs every second. This is the first time I've encountered that with a FTB pack, looking at the memory profile, it looks like something is causing a memory leak, as I am noticing that it doesn't seem to be freeing the memory as it should due to garbage collection. Doing more detailed metrics to see whether it's because I've added NEI plugins and a minimap, or if it's something wrong with the pack itself. For comparison I tested 152ngt, which has more mods but doesn't seem to have this problem. Will come back with more detailed information if I find anything.

    Oh, and I suppose I'll also list what I am running on, for comparison:
    Arch Linux using OpenJDK 7 (u40_2.4.1).

    Edit 1: All right, after doing a bit of testing here and there, these are my initial results, keep in mind this is just preliminary testing:

    After 15 minutes using just doing those things, I had minecrafts memory usage balloon up to about 2 gigs after 15 minutes, with no sign of stopping, this is with both the stock, freshly downloaded modpack, and my modified one. I also did a test using just vanilla furnaces in both 152wgt and Magic Farm, and they had roughly similar memory usage, which was roughly a gig each. Also after I did that test with magic farm, I just added the bloom to my inventory and did nothing else, and noticed the memory usage start going up again, I'm trying to determine whether it's some issue with the minefantasy NEI plugin, not sure, just have a feeling that may be the case. Will post an update later on after more testing.
  3. monkey

    monkey Active Member

    hey dont know if some 1 all ready said this but im getting a wird little bug in the bottom connor of the screen D: any 1 knows how to fix it ?

    nvm turns out im having the same glitch in vanilla D:

    JDGBOLT Member

    Okay, after a lot of mucking about, I think I've discovered the source of the memory leak. It appears that there is a memory leak when rendering the tile entities ( I think, things like the anvils, blooms, chimneys, etc... ) of Mine Fantasy. Even just showing them within NEI is enough to trigger the leak, and it leaks quite a bit faster since there is multiple of them that it is trying to render. At least on my system, it leaks about 10 megs a second if I have only the items from that mod shown. I also tested with the latest development version, and the issue is still present. Guess I'll have to see if I can remember my minecraft forum account information to report it to the mod author. I did testing with the other mods in the pack in NEI just to make sure that it's the only one affected, and it is. So for people having problems with your memory seeming to run out quickly, that's a possible cause. Unfortunate, as it is one of the core mods of this pack, hopefully the author can get a fix out quickly. Though it might only affect a limited subset of people. I'll just report my findings, and hopefully it can be resolved.
  5. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    Does that happen even without NEI installed? I've also got a lower end PC (2 GB of RAM doesn't go for much when there are severe memory leaks), but I could easily do without NEI if it would help to avoid all the slowdown/crashing.

    JDGBOLT Member

    Yes, it happens even without NEI installed, as it's pertaining to the actual rendering of the block itself. It might only affect certain configurations, which is why it hasn't been fixed yet, just putting it out there of my own experiences with the memory leak I found while trying out this pack. You can only try it yourself to see if you are encountering the issue.
  7. DanNetwalker

    DanNetwalker Active Member

    That sounds like a great hardcore world start. Do you happen to have the seed arround?
  8. Delcar

    Delcar Active Member

    Oh man I hope so. I'm tinkering with the block breaker and some other things, but so far no luck.

    Anyone know how to repair Forged tools? I was told on the Minefantasy forum post to use a repair hammer... I can't find a recipe for a repair hammer, and wasted a bunch of enchants getting repair on a hammer - which doesn't seem to work.,
  9. Lady_Oolong

    Lady_Oolong Active Member

    The "Repair" enchant only applies to Thaumcraft tools/weapons; if you got it on a non-Thaumcraft item, that sounds like a bug.
  10. Yougirasu

    Yougirasu Active Member

    Sorry DanNetwalker, I don't. I thought I might have still had it, as I had some videos in the file they're typcially saved to, but they were some of my more recent attempts. Most of the other videos that were in the recyle bin were cleared out as well. I've given most of the typical seeds that I was using a try and it doesn't seem like it was any of those, so I also can't remember it. I'll have another go over the weekend, possibly... If I'm not still sweltering in the heat.

    I've been so warm that I've barely been able to play on Minecraft. It's very annoying.
  11. Retec

    Retec Member

    Well, don't try to use the ME Interface from AE to pull leather out of the tanning rack - I now can't get back into my test world at all - crashes on load. Time for a new test world.

    EDIT: or was it an import bus? Either way, doesn't seem like the tanning rack likes AE.
  12. Delcar

    Delcar Active Member

    You raise a good point; I have a bad habit of not using a test world/creative and instead experimenting in my main base on my established world.

    Somewhere in MFR I think there is a way; at least partially - with their block breaker.


    I've been stumped on the repair system for Minefantasy, and it sounds like I'm missing some stuff -

    from The Minefantasy Forum thread

    Is there a work around?


    I definitely notice a memory issue if I go near the bloom, or use the anvil. (Playing on Windows 8) It can get bad enough to tank memory usage at 99% and frame rate of 1 - 5.

    For the NEI question(s) above, you can turn off whole modpacks in NEI so it won't render the blooms etc.
  13. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    Update: Removing NEI had no effect on performance. Gameplay is just fine, as usual, play for a couple hours before it starts stuttering and I just have to quit and reopen Minecraft. Then I start building blooms, forges, anvils, and MineFantasy display racks.

    Epic memory leaks indeed. D:
  14. Stdbc02

    Stdbc02 New Member

    After reading the last few pages of the forum, I found a late game method to automatically tan hides! Here is an imgur tutorial on how to set it up. Let me know what you think.

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  15. Retec

    Retec Member

    Excellent! Great job! Looks like I have a little more Thaumcraft research to do. :)
  16. Stdbc02

    Stdbc02 New Member

    Thanks! I'm not sure if I should post it on reddit however since I'm not sure how many people there play on this pack.
  17. Delcar

    Delcar Active Member

    Mind = Blown
  18. GabyGeekette

    GabyGeekette New Member

    Hellow! great mod pack i like it so far except one thing...i cant collect iron ore with a stone or gold pickaxe, i can collect it with iron, diamond, or steel pickaxe...the funny thing is that i need iron to make any of this three tools...a bug or something i'm missing?
    Help please

    Edited: I found out why it's not working the same way...it's a bit sad that we have to watch the wiki for every single mod to know what this is about. A short guide could be great
  19. DanNetwalker

    DanNetwalker Active Member

    I'm just thinking out loud, haven't tried it yet... Have you tried Thaumic Tinkerer's Tool Dynamism for the right click, golems for the placing of fur and recovery of leather, some automatic crafting table for the mixture of hide and salt (thermal expansion has one, I think)? That would limit the manual part to getting the salt from the water... hmm.

    Jaded, it would be nice a recipe to convert harvestcraft salt into mine fantasy salt, could it be possible? Nothing easy, I don't mind if it ask for a extrange or hard to get piece of equipment, maybe a recipe for thermal expansion's induction furnace or railcraft's steam boiler or something just as hard or worse...
  20. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Guide links for Thaumic Tinkerer and Mine Fantasy have been added to the fist post. Make sure y'all thank Sucubism for writing them.
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