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Discussion in 'Jadedcat' started by Jadedcat, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. Summit

    Summit Well-Known Member

    Can't you bonemeal the fruit?
  2. Lady_Oolong

    Lady_Oolong Active Member

    I have no idea. There's very little documentation on HarvestCraft that I can find.
  3. DanNetwalker

    DanNetwalker Active Member

    What happent to the mystcraft linking books?

    Jump out of home, enter Nether portal, use linking book to remote island.
    Harvest, use linking book to Nether, jump through portal back home.

    Am I missing something? o_O
  4. IguanaMan

    IguanaMan Member FTB Mod Dev

    You can, just don't crouch while you do it.

    Yes, a chunk loader.
  5. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    Or, you could just get some bone meal. ^_^
  6. Mihil33

    Mihil33 New Member

    jaded do you maybe know what mod adds carpets, wool slabs and wool stairs ? The crafting recipe for the carpet and the slab and for an item from another mod are conflicting ! Please help
  7. ladelacraft

    ladelacraft New Member

    is there some reason that Thaumcraft is causing the Magic Farm Modpack to crash?
  8. Lady_Oolong

    Lady_Oolong Active Member

    Ok, if I bonemeal the fruit (will have to hang around until night so I can smack some skeletons around), can I craft the fruit into seeds like other HarvestCraft plants?
  9. Delcar

    Delcar Active Member

    I only know for sure about Avocado and Nutmeg, but combining the fruit in your crafting square with the same 'base' sort of sapling as you found the fruit on, gets you a (fruit) sapling.
  10. Ragnoff

    Ragnoff Member

    Combining an apple and an oak sapling does not seem to work for apples. I can get an apple core (which i think you are supposed to be able to plant) but i cannot plant that either. Anyone know how to get/plant/make a new apple tree?
  11. Direct1221

    Direct1221 New Member

    Use a grafter on one of the apple leaves.
  12. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    HarvestCraft apple trees are disabled in Magic Farm. Plant the apple cores on the underside of an oak leaf to get reharvestable apples.
  13. VikeStep

    VikeStep Official FTB Changelog Guy Mod Developer FTB Changelog Team

    I installed daftpvf/bspkr's StartingInventory mod and made a config to modify what I spawn with.
    Keep in mind this is my personal preference, it'll only provide assistance for a little bit so that you can get a base starting
    • Stone Pickaxe
    • Stone Shovel
    • Stone Sword
    • Stone Axe
    • 16 Apples
    • 16 Torches
    • 32 Oak Wood
    • 10 Seeds
    • Bed
    • Fishnet
    • 4 Sugar Canes
    • Bakeware
    • Mortar and Pestle
    Edit this config in MagicFarm\minecraft\config\StartingInventory\startinginventory.txt
    274, 1
    273, 1
    272, 1
    275, 1
    260, 16
    50, 16
    17, 32
    295, 10
    355, 1
    511, 1
    338, 4
    15259, 1
    15261, 1
    And a note for Jaded, wonderful modpack, its given me heaps more fun than I have had with Ultimate as I am always on my feet. And I actually use stairs in my mine for once xD. Although as I say that I feel that I starved too often early game, but that is why I added this mod.
  14. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    I've thought about using Starting Inventory, but since I've only been playing Hardcore on this modpack it feels like that would ruin the challenge of random seeds. :p

    Once you get the hang of hunger management, it's very easy to avoid starvation by staying on the move or heavily investing in a farmstead.

    Meanwhile, supposedly tendon drop rates are higher in MineFantasy 1.8.5 (seems to be a bit better, but I haven't played but a couple of world starts so far). There's a config setting for the dry rocks, but it doesn't seem to work. For testing, I set it to 0.5 (50% chance) and still burned completely through 3 dry rocks, with vanilla repair in between, and didn't start a single firepit.

    I wonder what other evil changes Jaded has planned? (;° ロ°)
  15. Yougirasu

    Yougirasu Active Member

    Ah yes, the challenge of random seeds... Where you start a Hardcore world and instantly spawn in the lava of a Volcano biome whilst recording. I don't think that really counts as a challenge, although the video isn't great enough to use (the audio gets pretty out of synch for some reason).
    I will persevere though!
  16. Matas999

    Matas999 New Member

    A question! What confing (or mod) shows where to farm seeds and bees?
  17. Jadedcat

    Jadedcat Gamepack Creator Retired Staff

    Yes you can bonemeal the fruit so you can pick one and take it home . Crafting a fruit with a sapling makes a fruit sapling of that kind.
  18. tedyhere

    tedyhere Well-Known Member

    I have to say, started a hardcore world on stream and almost died 5 times! So much fun when your hunger bar is near zero and you have 2 hearts because an angry zombie stomped your face in! Thankfully I have pigs and chickens nearby and a decent farm started.
  19. Genshou

    Genshou Well-Known Member

    You know, there's a vanilla seed where a high chance of spawning in the air above a lava pit is a 'feature'. Very annoying (but funny) to use in SMP, or Hardcore single player.
    Most of the seeds are from Pam's HarvestCraft mod. Bees are from Forestry. I know for sure that the latter has some great YouTube tutorials. For the seeds, just put various fruits and veggies in the crafting grid to get their seeds, just like you would with a pumpkin or melon, or keep whacking that tall grass.

    Edit: if by 'where' you mean what biome to grow the seeds in to avoid increased growth times, that feature is disabled by default in Magic Farm (I hope it's enabled again soon). But Hunger Overhaul is the mod that lets you see that info while holding Shift.
    Yes, isn't it exciting? Barely surviving from day to day with that low hunger, wandering around hoping for a lucky break in the form of a village, surface dungeon, or a sighting of surface copper (if you're playing Hardcore Crafting and can't just mine anywhere for the copper with your easy stone pickaxe). To make things really fun, I recommend Enhanced Visuals to give you a heartbeat and bloodied screen when near death. Combined with the severe debuffs of 1/2 heart, that visual/audial indicator of how unhealthy you feel really makes nomming that rotten flesh seem like it wasn't such a good idea, eh? ;)
  20. Matas999

    Matas999 New Member

    Thank you alot :)
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